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One day I hope I can write like you and make everyone feel swell while reading my words. This has been the best cycle in a long time..chock fulla jokes. Thanks for sharing the experience with me. We shall be married one day (jsyk). K.


oh this cycle isn't over yet! There is still the lovely recap episode. That should be fun...


Your erudition is far more engrossing and wonderful than this insufferable show.

chunko chang

I call dibs on Krista's stepdad. I will fight her mum if I have to.

Is it wrong to friend her on myspace and ask for her stepdad's number?


I just need to comment that while reading this "Harder Better Faster Stronger" by Daft Punk came up on Pandora, and seems to become the soundtrack for these gifs. Amazing.

Great job as always, Rich!


It occurred to me during the finale that 'dreck' might be ALT saying "d'wreck", not that "wreck" is a French word, but he seems to love speaking Frenglish.


From Wikipedia:

dreck: (vulgar) worthless material, especially merchandise; literally: "crap" or "shit" (Yiddish ‫דרעק ‬ drek cf. German Dreck)

I like to imagine him saying "Shitty-tude" every time he says "dreckitude".


"Laura: You can really psych yourself out.
Bianca: Can you excuse Krista for that?
Laura: Well, we’ll see if she can make it!
Bianca: Let’s hope for her sake that she does."

I just love how Bianca was complaining about Krista in front of Laura, the girl so dyslexic that she couldn't remember her lines in any of the commercials.

You killed me at the "Talley hug!" I can't wait for next cycle. I'll miss your recaps so much in the meantime!


Wow. I just misread the URL for the "ride her strong face" clip as "rider strong face" - and for a moment I was nearly convinced!
Rider Strong face: almost!
Also, in that shot, Alexandra looks exactly like the overeager redheaded guy who really wants to dance with Winona Ryder in the scenes at Belle Gardiner's engagement party in the 1994 Little Women. at least, that's who I immediately thought of. Just my two cents, yep.
Thanks for another great cycle of recaps!


Is it just me or does "Feel the chance" sound exactly like something you'd hear (or read if it's subtitled) in a poorly translated anime?


"I think when I really turned against Raina was when I realized how much she could look like Perez Hilton."

I was Team Raina from the beginning, but Tally-Hug! did you ever hit the nail on the head with that comment!

Rich - your re-caps are sometimes the ony thing that makes me smile when I'm at work, so thanks for just being you!


Alexandria for the win!!


First time commentor -- love the recaps !

I, too, thought Whitney, er, Alexandra looked oddly familiar in that fatboy getup -- Chunk from Goonies maybe?


I like how when Katarzyna is mentioned her name is still pronounced wrong.


Yes please please please please you have to have Angelea on an episode of Inside the Reality Studio!!


I already can't wait for next cycle. This one was AWESOME. So much material for your posts. Thanks for all your hard work. This Chicago BITCH loves you for it!


when i saw alexandra in her ugly-pretty make-up, i, too, thought she looked familiar. i couldn't place it until now! in my opinion, she closely resembles lauren ambrose. oh how i miss six feet under...

Dan S.

Wow, who'd of thunk it that ANTM would be full of Sci-Fi references?

First, you have Tyra as General Zod, from Superman II, during the first elimination:
Hosted by

Then you have Krista walking the runway as Duane Dibbley, from Red Dwarf:


I already have my heart set on this style but I'm just curious as to what everyone else thinks about it...
I have DARK brown hair, almost black... and I want a short choppy hairstyle exactly like Reese Witherspoons in "Sweet Home Alabama".

Acai Max

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