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Love it!


Is he really protecting them, or just making sure you know he expects a share? Because I think his chirps could be read as either "hey! mine!" or "alright, but I want half!"


If you could sell Winston-In-A-Bowl in Targets across the country, you'd make millions. Cutest. Thing. Ever.


I just love your cats. :0)


Awwww! He couldn't get out of the bowl fast enough!


So so so cute. He's tiny, at least compared to my oaf of a cat. Give him his bananas back!


As an aside, awesome Wickerman header!


Oh! I want my own Winston-In-A-Bowl!

He's A-Dor-A-Bowl!

My cat Scarlett likes nanners, but she doesn't protect them, she wrestles them before she eats them.


OH, I'm jealous, you have a lazy susan.


Love Winnie's round little head peeking over the top of the bowl. What did you use it for before its true destiny as a cat bed? :)


Aww! At the end he gave up. He says "leggo my bananas!"


I think he just wants you to give him some banana! - That's pretty weird in it's own right though - my cat wouldn't touch a banana with a 10-foot pole.

Wiggs (The Beholder)

Best. Winston. Video. Ever. Seriously, this is the closest I've ever come to wanting a cat.


He's def all, "use your opposable thumbs to peel me a banana, dammit!".


100% awesome. But I feel all sad now because we did not get to see him nomming on any banana.

I want a Winston-in-a-bowl, too!! My cats are too huge to fit into a bowl...maybe they would sleep in a tureen or something....


You should have his voice box examined. My veterinarian, Snookers, says that when a cat is attempting to meow like that, it might be a sign of chronic feline musa debilititis.

That is probably why he values potassium so highly.


I think he's hoping you would share the bananas- he wants to be around when they're opened


Also love the progression of the bananas' ripeness


Winston in a bowl is awesome!

I actually secured a date because the guy saw a picture of me wearing my "Team Winston" shirt.




I am convinced that somehwere in your apartment is a cat bed being used as a salad bowl.

Nursing clothing

wow nice!!! i love this video!!!

anna d.

Love this video, love Winston, love you!

P.S. Thank you for warning us about the music. I nearly had a heart attack knowing it was coming, I can't imagine what would have happened without the warning!!


I love 1:16 so much.


It really is a genuine love story, isn't it? *sniff*

It's almost as if Win's begging you to please not eat his little chiquita. Like he's trying to save her. OR he's just hungry. AGAIN.

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