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Carl Weeks

Yeah it looks like he thinks you're about to eat one, so he starts mooching.


LOLOL! Priceless! ;-)


Hey Rich - what breed of cat is that ball of awesomeness?


omg "mind your nanners" - DEAD!!


Even Winston needs his po-cat-ssium.

OK I'll never be as good as you. OK I'll never come close.

That was the most enjoyable thing I've seen for an age. I swear my face almost broke from laughter & de-lite. I'm very cereal.


Rich, have you seen this site?

hint, hint, hint


It's finally come to me. I know who Winston reminds me of.

Mr. freakin' Belvedere. He's amazing.

Vanessa M

Good grief, how long did it take you to film all of that or did you just torture him multiple times over the course of a day? Actually, it looks like you did actually film this over time as I see the banana in different stages of spottiness.

(also, I assume he probably got nanners in his piehole for most if not all takes so perhaps "torture" is not the proper word choice.)


I love his "wide-awake" expression at the 1:38 mark!


What are his feelings regarding mangos?


AAAHHHHHH I CRIED. I've been watching too much lost.


Winston grieves over the fate of his banana buddies. "Why? Whyyyyy?"

"And... gimme a bite."

Amanda Taylor

I stumbled upon your blog. Your cat is the bee's knees!

And Sifl and Olly Rule!


Give that baby some nanners and stop playin'!

Mary Backstayge

My Persian also has a crazy-ass voice like Winston's. Ain't no thang.


Wow. Every cat I've had hates bananas. In fact, every single one, upon smelling a banana, would draw back and smush up their face to look JUST LIKE WINSTON.

One of my cats is a cord chewer- one of the best ways to keep him away from something that is plugged in is to drape a banana peel over the cord.


He looks so sweet curled up in that bowl...I don't think he's protecting the bananas so much as worried you will eat one and will forget to share with him!

Bonus Tips For Pets

Cant Believe That Its Protecting The bananas...


I love how you can't put your fruit in what would normally be a fruit bowl.

Carlos Santiago

This really should have background music of "Good Lovin'
Miss Easton, if you nasty... Amazing all around.


aww..i love winston. my flat-faced mows sleep in bowls too!


Even the gross old black banana! Poor little guy just doesn't know how to say goodbye.


I want a Winston in a bowl too! Is that a favorite place of his, or does he only like to hang there when bananas are about? He's so funny!


I still have tears running down my face here. omg. that is the funniest thing I have ever seen. <3 Winston.

daily bunny

Hahaha, can't tell if he's upset you took the banana or if he's been waiting for one for a while.

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