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Wright was a genius, I'd glow if I found my home was designed by him. An amazing tale told very well too. Such a touch with the past is important in my eyes since we all are the bearers of history and we never know what will become important in one hundred years.

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Beautifully done, and very interesting. Makes me want to research my home digs.

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You put a lot of work into this post and it shows. Loved the pictures, the history, and the gratitude. Thank you.

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Wonderful! It is true that we don't really appreciate history until we feel ourselves becoming part of it. But at least you have the pictures and this post...maybe your children can benefit from your hindsight (like the rest of us).

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Yay! Raising cyber toast (not the bread kind, but the bubbly kind) to ya! Haven't been around for months, but reading this was worth stopping by. Happy for you, Patricia. Very happy.

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How very inspiring - you, my dear, are definitely someone who grabs life by the lapels and doesn't let go until you get what you want. So happy for you!


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