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selling that I...and die.


"I have very extreme Syria and its lebanese allies alike!"


Ahhhh. Youtube captions have been my obsession since the first time you mentioned them. I actually have a folder where I've been saving the best ones from watching ANTM on youtube (some users that post the episode have it enabled, some don't).

There's one brilliant one at one of the judgings that says "so now let's feed jessica" over an image of Jessica giving blowjobface. Instant classic.


"does it make some of the nazi night"

That seems apropos in a way I can't precisely articulate.


OH MY GOOD LORD... why haven't I known about Youtube captions until now??? This is amazing... it's like an endless supply of Chinese menus. I will officially never leave the house again. Thank you Rich.


That was awesome. :D


I saw this post and for a second thought she was going to be in some revival of Evita.

Tila Tequila Uncorked

Don't get all the Tila hate. Sure she's an attention whoooore plus she's not exactly talented. However she's pretty charismatic as witnessed on her mtv show. I thought she came across as very likeable.

Tila Tequila Sex Tape

She looks horrid in the pic above with her blonde hair. Tila Tequila looks much better as a brunette. And yes; this broad is full of tall tales. I don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth; first she was pregnant and then her ex beat her up? wtf. Nutcase for sure.

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Tila Tequila was an stupid t.v show but this woman was really hot, one of the things I love of this woman was she kissed a lot of girls during the t.v show.m10m

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Very insightful. How long ago 10 years seems in terms of what you can shield kids from In these days of 24 hour news and twitter and blogs, not to mention the Daily Show, that salvation of the online generation who will never read a newspaper, there is no possibility of shielding kids from major news.

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Parents might even be forced to discuss issues with their kids. The celebrations in the street reminded me of the celebrations in various Arab countries--I specifically remember Palestine--where 9/11 was celebrated.

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I think you will actually find quite a few adults (even baby boomers) who were celebratory as well. It seems that you are dismissing this a youth/college-student phenomenon, when really it just wasn't. I am not of those who were thoroughly disgusted with the celebration.

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As for the content, I am not a control freak. I do not wear Birkenstocks. I do not tsk-tsk either. I have become fatigued with people accusing me of "hand wringing." Hand wringing seems to be the de rigueur put-down of the day to the point that it has become a cliche.

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You put a lot of work into this post and it shows. Loved the pictures, the history, and the gratitude. Thank you.

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Thanks for shareing! I agree with you. The artical improve me so much! I will come here frequently.

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This is so funny. I had no idea. With all the wine they drink you would think they would be up for a little fun! So much resentment towards the US. Their loss.....
Congrats on the EP!

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Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone, and I wish all those who celebrate it a very Happy Halloween!

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