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hah magnificent

John T

thank you, these are hilarious, haha

Joe Funtime

Love this Rich! As if we needed a reason to love Meryl Streep even more...


You're not the first person to notice Meryl Streep getting high, you know. Geez.

marie laurence


John Krasinski getting high gave me a lady-boner.




you now what movie has an awesome elder stoner scene is Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarrandon in The Banger Sisters


Meryl also gets some doobage in "Adaptation," which I love - more people should see/know of that Charlie Kaufman craziness.

Lovisa Tärnholm

It's 4.20 twice a day, timewise. And seeing it that way, it's always 4.20 somewhere ;)

Ultra Dee

Thank you for enlightening me! Saigon, I forgot she smoked in Adaptation, and doesn't she smoke in Silkwood with Cher?


haha love you


Fantastic. Thanks Rich!

Jessica J.

I saw the clip of you on THE VIEW on Tracie's blog post about the show! Oh my goodness! I would love to hear your take on the whole thing!


Great! Thanks


My fave streep getting high thing is from Adaptation--when she calls what's his-face and has him do a tone to recreate the dial tone. I bet she's a blast to get high with. You should get her for Pot Psychology.


LOVE LOVE LOVE MY MERYL AND LOVE SEEING HER GET HIGH WITH ALEC! So great!!!! Thanks for posting this it made my day!!!!


i love when dolly, jane, and lily get high in '9 to 5'


I think I might ship JKras and Alec Baldwin now...


Rich, I dont know you, but I think I luv you.
This is awesome.

plain bearing

I have two main comments--first, that these arguments seem to me to be "deja vu all over again," meaning that that are pretty much the same (basic) arguments made against a common US currency among the states in our past.

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Second, the arguments presented spring more from an ideological position than anything else--government intervention is bad, pension benefits are excessive, etc. Most of these arguments are simply not supported by the data--especially when they are investigated at the country and sub-national levels.

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Few countries in Europe use either a collectivist system or exist as "welfare states." An in-depth look at the health care expenditures of the US v. European countries would immediately show the enormous--and I emphasize enormous--savings in the European systems.

crystal figurines

Oh I loooooved The Monster at the End of This Book. It would be interesting to see that fleshed out for a whole movie. Would these be movies for kids? Or movies about kids for adults like Where the Wild Things Are? I loved the Boxcar Children.

bamboo furniture

Well written and achingly true. Thank you.

bamboo flooring

It is way to early to tell who will run or not. The media tries and force the issue, but the truth is early front runners both republican and democrats usually do not end up with the nomination or presidency. If being the early front runner was so special then Hillary would have been running against Rudy in the last election.

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