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I could barely watch this, I was so afraid I'd see my parents/their friends/older coworkers. All of these people could be any of them.


Unlike most other pieces you've put together, it looks like those people really ARE there to make friends.


That woman who can't stop talking about her period is hilariously embarassing to watch.


Egads! Is the 2nd couple Simon and Alex?


Annnnd ger for the win. Seriously, though, this is amazing. I loved the "That's not MY hand!" lady so much.


Whose hand was it? Exactly how many people were involved?


I don't have sound on this computer (grrr), but, from sight, I think that little old retiree lady w/the silver cap might just be the best. person. ever.


When people like this have a shame deficit, we all win. And Christin, I was more afraid I was going to see old school teachers of mine. Some of them seemed freaky-deaky. I'm looking at you, Mr. Eby.

pussy whiskers

Ha, I thought the lady in the 2nd couple looked familiar, but I couldn't place it...then I saw Neil's comment. Seriously, is that housewife of nyc Alex????


The dildo shaped microphone seemed rather fitting.

anna d.

I gotta say, I'm a bit envious of their sexual openness. You kind of have to admire them for that! Also, "I'm a gusher."


The guy who says "we aren't just gonna fuck anybody" or whatever has the best haircut I've seen in a long time.


I, unlike other people, watched this specifically to see someone I knew. When I was a freshman in college, I took a class called Human Sexuality. Over the course of the semester, the professor made several references to attending the Lifestyles convention in Las Vegas every year. Alas, he wasn't in the video. I would have loved proof, all these years later.


haven't watched the video yet, but love the wicker man banner.


can anyone tell me what the picture is from that Rich is using for the header now?


So I learned how to read and figured out where its from....


This looks amazing! Also. Where do you hear about these amazing documentaries from the 80's and 90's? First strippers and now this!


Turns out it WAS her hand, damn swingy liar.


The thing that strikes me as odd and uncomfortable about "swingers" is that at these parties, they encourage the women to have sex together, but then a man is shunned and thrown out if they touch another man. How "adventurous" is THAT?? Really, quite uptight and old-fashioned.

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