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May 26, 2010



Celine is like Glinda, and the world is her Munchkinland.


I'm still marvelling over Picture #13 down from Glowstick Guy. Those crazy Asian's have finally figured out how to implant a cell phone into someone's brain! This gives a whole new meaning to "hand's free". What's next??


Celine is better than international diplomacy!

James McG

The way that woman in the sequins is holding Celine's hand to her face, its like Celine's warmth is nourishing her soul!


I'd be interested in seeing these pictures next to pictures of Morrissey fans in rapture. I think it would be hard to tell the difference(except for the pompadours and tattoos).


Impressive. Not a side-eye in the house.


also in picture #13 down the woman (with the cellphone implanted into her head?) is totally smizing.


Celine is awesome...wish I was there to hoot and hollar for her!


Is it just me, Rich, or is the pissed-off looking, diamond-ring-the-size-of-Texas wearing, overly-coiffed woman in photo #2 Danielle Steele?


Now that you mention it, I think that lady is Danielle Steele.


Actually glowstick guy is getting a side eye from the dude in front of him.


I went to the hotel in Vegas where they had the Celine Dion experience. I didn't see the show, but I stopped into the Celine Dion gift shop.

I asked the girl at the counter if she ever got sick of Celine Dion music. She said no -- in fact, she often turned on some Celine when she got home from work.


When I saw this, I just knew glowstick guy would make it on fourfour eventually!

What really gets me the most about Celine's fans is how some of them seem to be enjoying the whole thing ironically...until the music starts and then they're just as much in rapture as everyone else there!


The 20th photo down (two down from the on labeled as being in China) is actually quite lovely. She's got Morticia Adams lighting on her face.

Below that, in the photo of the woman holding Celine's hand, someone behind her is...poking her hair with a pen? What's going on there?

Dr. Girlfriend

My new favorite pastime: opening this post and kicking out the jams, which sync nicely with the glowstick gif.

WHOOP WHOOP. It IS raining men, THANK YOU, glowstick guy.

Jacqueline Howell

glowstick guy for your hero section?


Rich, I hope you realize that the Celine Dion documentary ("Celine Through the Eyes of the World") is in my Netflix queue based solely on your posts here. I am not even sure I like Celine Dion.


And today she announced she's pregnant with TWINS! Her comment? "We will have a beautiful family nest full of love."


I just feel bad for that unimpressed (straight?) Asian man behind 'Glowstick Guy'.

"Worst show ever!"

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Now that you mention it, I think that lady is Danielle Steele.

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