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May 05, 2010



I'm going to join you on twitter to let her know that she's a terrible person with no journalistic integrity.

As a journalism student, I am very perturbed, and the greatest way to get under her skin and know she is a wrong-doer is to harass her on twitter.

You asked for it, @cinebeth


This is fucking bullshit. And you're right, Rich. It's one thing for some schmo on the internet to put this on his/her blog, but fucking NPR? No. Bitch needs to be called out.


Looks like they put your video up, now.
Kind of got the feeling she put it up AFTER someone left a comment saying that they need to give some credit.
Still no credit to you, though. :/
Total BS.

Thanks, Brian, for the Twitter address. I'll be tweeting promptly. Shit likes this makes me so mad.


I'm so sorry. Leaving a comment at NPR now. I can't believe your video is up without credit! Astonishing. And this makes me fighting mad.


It IS plagiarism. I read this article today, and found it applicable here, too. You shouldn't be considered ripe for the picking just because you don't have a large media conglomerate at the ready with the threat of legal action. http://abcnews.go.com/Business/apple-iphone-leak-appalling-reactions/story?id=10523213

Dana Johnson

*Sigh.* This really is not good. For it to happen to the guardian of Winston and Rudy is just more worser than not good.

Here's Beth's bio page. At the upper left-hand corner, there's a "Contact Me" link. So I contacted her and let her know about her oversight.

Hopefully your readers will do so as well.


Wiggs (The Beholder)

Wow. I'm a member of my local NPR/PRI radio station so I have mad love for public radio, but that's really, really bad. Growing up in a family of writers, I know how ugly it feels to be plagiarized. I'm sorry, Rich. But the good news is that none of the reporters in the NPR/PRI family (even Ira Glass, I'd venture) fancies themselves a celebrity. I'm sure she'll find a way to make it up to you. Or else.

Seriously, though, the story would have been BETTER if they had interviewed you because you're such a horror film buff. Plus Winston probably would have made an appearance. Yeesh.


They will get none of my cheddah this pledge drive season.


Ultra lame. And yes, definitely plagiarism.

Dirty Blonde

Has anyone slashed her bike tires yet?


God, this is terrible. So sorry this happened to you, Rich. Registered with NPR just to complain. Hope you get some form of justice soon. Love you.


IDEA: Can I give you pledge money? You have added far more value to my life than NPR ever did.

I got other sources for news. You will always be my number one source for everything else.


Wow...just wow. That's so blatantly shitty. Boo, Beth Accomando!

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You have added far more value to my life than NPR ever did.

I heartily, heartily agree.


I was so angry on your behalf when I saw this article yesterday. Also, I just noticed her replies to you on Twitter--why is she being so defensive? Maybe because she knows what she did is wrong? Tsk tsk tsk, Beth.


I was going to comment about a lack of journalistic integrity, but I got distracted by the enema spam above.


Legal's probably hearing about it now. Maybe HR too . . . Go Rich!


For the record, I loved that clip on TAL. Very very memorable.


Give a content-creator some credit love NPR! Comment on the page here if you care to fourfour-kateers...


I always knew there was a reason I hated NPR!

Rich, I wouldn't be suprised if the backlash from your readers prompts a response from NPR (after all, they need to project the image that they are compassionate media), and if so, I seriously hope you post an update here, as i'm very curious as to see the outcome!


I let 'em know that they should credit you.


Just sent an email and posted a comment at NPR. This is a bunch of bull. It makes me wonder what other stuff is blatantly plagiarized on NPR. :(


I am always raving about this blog to everyone I know, you are so talented and for someone to steal your work like that (especially in such a main-stream way) is really L-A-M-E!


This is some bullshit. I'm actually a huge fan of NPR, so I'm really disappointed. I hope they respond. I always knew this blog was more clever than anything they do, but I thought they would at least give credit where credit it due. Disgusting.

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