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Joan and Melissa Rivers both played themselves? Plus I bet she laughs at that scene herself.


Rivers always makes me wonder what is actually important to her. It seems she's either trying to sell some part of her existence to any taker, or is ferociously fighting against something or someone, and the actual things she's trying to sell or fight against seem almost inconsequential, or at least constantly shifting.

It's as if the acts of selling and fighting themselves have become the ultimate goal It's Joan Rivers behaving like a shark - thinking she'll die when she stops moving.

This is all pop psychology at best, ofcourse, but, well, you started it! ;)


Frankly I never knew much about Joan Rivers before. Now that I’ve seen her movie, I realize what an incredible career she’s had, and I wish I would have been paying attention. She’s a truly remarkable person


Rich, I love you like cheese on fire. I really wanted to see this documentary before, but after reading your review, I want it even more. It's almost obscene how much I want it now.


When I was young, Joan Rivers raped me.

My mother and I were staying at a hotel in Vegas and they decided to catch Rivers act in the ballroom. My mother was taken by one of the dealers who worked in one of the gambling rooms and she would leave me in the hotel room and sneak off to his room next door to get plowed like a Nebraska field.

Well, that night, while my mother was watching Joan Rivers' show, I snuck downstairs from the hotel room, maneuvered from the kitchen to a backstage area and watched Rivers' show from between the curtains. Towards the end of the show, my mother caught sight of my little red patent leather shoes poking out of the curtain. She raced backstage and I hid behind a pulley cart.

When Joan Rivers came backstage to her dressing room she saw me hiding and, just as my mother swooped around the corner to spank me, Rivers stopped my mother and invited us all into her palatial dressing room.

Rivers, my mother and I talked for two hours. She let all of her handlers go home and she stayed there telling stories about when she was a girl and all the glorious stars of film, television, and the stage that she met.

Soon my mother was demanding that I go up to the room to sleep. Suddenly, Rivers insisted that she take me up to the hotel room herself and tuck me in. My mother's eyes lit up. This obviously freed her to go hang out with her new dealer-boyfriend for the evening.

Up in the room Joan Rivers watched as I got into my jammies. Once I was under the covers, Rivers asked,

'Is it warm under there?'

I answered, 'Yes, Miss Rivers.'

Then she pulled her long spindly fingers from out of her dress pockets and stuffed them softly under the covers down there.

'Is it warmer now?' Joan Rivers asked me.

'Yes, Miss Rivers,' I whispered confusedly.

Then she pulled her hands out from the covers and very slowly opened up her shirt-dress button by button. Then she motioned for me to look down in her lap.

Then she pulled the elastic down from her girdle-bottom and up flopped her thick penis, twacking her stomach and outie belly button.

'This is my best joke, darling,' she said to me, stroking its length.

But before I knew what was happening, my confused young self fell fast asleep.

In the morning, I found a note from Joan Rivers under my covers and I still have it today.

Here's the note right here.


LOL at this stupid shit^:

Anyway, Rich, I'm so eager to watch Joan's new documentary, A Piece of Work! I find her to be endlessly fascinating/intriguing.


I love you! It has been ages since I saw this movie. I always remember the scene where her and Melissa get locked out of temple for being late. Watching them cry and blame each other in the rain is over acting at it's best!

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Wow nice video!! I love watching it=D hehehe
LOL so funny!! Thanks for sharing it!


Ive seen this trailer somewhere, and i just remember the line "im taking mental picture of you" anyone know the name of that comedy? please say yes,,.

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