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June 15, 2010


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I am not interested in this as I am a vegetarian.

Jigsaw Jesus

If I had some of that Cibao Meat Product, I'd dance seductively, too.

P.S. First time ever commenting, been reading for four years. Keep it up, Rich.

Shelly, the cousin on your dad's side

Yeah, the loyal and trustworth clerk. I'm dying to buy some lemons and Chiclets off her. And brillo pads. And those little sanitizer blocks you hang in the toilet. And Cibao Meat Product, of course.

Andrew A

I like that #3's outfit imitates a t-shirt pulled up to expose the boobs. It reminds me of high school makeout sessions.


Holy shit, dude. I think I just saw Blanket Jackson in that commercial. Always knew his birth mama was likely Hispanic- have you seen his hair? He looks like Mike's mini-me with a Dominican blowout.


I am very interested in this, and I'm a vegetarian.

Excellent find...


Dancin to the Meat Man, but then again, who doesn't (the song is hot no question good job). The dominoes is a great catch though lol.

Vanessa M

I am a vegetarian and am not carne-centric but I am fascinated. If I were an anthropologist from the future (and I have Asperger's so, you know, I kind of am) then I would speculate on a culture that adored meat so much it wrote ditties and performed sacred dances around tubes of it.


What's the lysol commercial? I want to see that


I love this. For too many reasons to list here. And I feel like it should be reported to Michael K, if it hasn't already.


It's been a long time since I watched a commercial and thought "I want to get stoned and watch that one," but this one takes me there. Plus, I bought my daughter the dress the dispassionate bongo drummer girl is wearing.

Quick Trim

Very useful commercial! I deeply appreciate the effort and time you have put in this. I hope it must have increased sales of this product.


Best. Post. EVER!

I am going to look more closely at the guy playing dominoes up the block from now on, to see if they have Cibao Meat Product.

Mary Backstayge

#3's top harkens back to a comment you made about Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2, I think. Something about how having some clothes on is more slutty than having no clothes on. Made me think of that old post of yours right away. Art imitates life imitates art!

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Yeah!! these girls has worked as a catalyst to make this commercial more appealing and attractive.

Wendy Young Clark Mixon

So, not being a Puerto Rican, I can only surmise that LONG sticks of meat make the PR experience. One can hope. j/k


Okay as a Supermarket Clerk I find this posting quite interesting since tubes of unknown meat product to the makes a quick meal and often...what the hell am I saying!! I find this commercial odd and yet mesmerizing at the same time.


so apparently the video has been pulled down due to a "terms of use" violation. DOES ANYONE HAVE A LINK OR HAVE THE VIDEO TO RE-HOST? i'm far from being done with obsessing over this yet.


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That dude looks way too happy to be holding meat... just sayin'

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