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June 28, 2010



That Trey Songz side-eye Prince gif was what I've been waiting on ALL NIGHT LONG. Rich, you never ever disappoint.


Wow, you're fast! I love it, and I love you! El made my night.


The Latifah uniform costume change was from 'Chicago'. Keep it coming Rich!


Plus, I never noticed how much Prince looks like John Waters before.


Prince tribute was WACKA FLOCKA BAD! Chris was good til the cry baby sheot. El Debarge = Best Damn Part of the Show. The rest is trash! What happened to great award show where it was exciting from one artist to the next. Guess it died with the GOOD Music.


P.S. Trey Songz is str8t TRASH.


I love you Rich, and usually totally agree with what you say but, here I have to disagree. I thought Chis Brown's performance was incredible. That was the performance I wanted to see last year and he was the only one who could do MJ justice. Emotionally unstable, perhaps but when Usher broke down at MJ's funeral, was that contrived and self centered? Was he unprofessional?


I must admit:

odd1 is correct.

Yes, I defer to your splendid interpretative gifts, Rich, on all things pop-related. But, as odd1 said, it is NOT unprofessional to show emotion during a tribute and the song--"Man In The Mirror"--is designed for this kind of introspection.

Hell, I've performed on cruiseships, gotten to that song in a medley (sung in a horrible synth arrangement for four people) and cried with my cast mates (probably because we had such a shitty job and it was only then dawning on us!).

More importantly: we all make GRAVE mistakes sometimes. Chris Brown is no more of a brat or a flawed human being then any entertainer. Give him a chance to learn from his error and do some good in the world. He did a horrible thing. However, EVERYONE deserves a second chance if they acknowledge the wrong and make amends.

There but for the grace of God go we all.


he was crying over the state of his career more than anything. the kid is a dickhead.

K. Rock

Prince's reactions were very telling. That little man fakes for no one.

And CB kilt that MJ tribute! He danced really well. Now the crying...I could take it or leave it.

Didn't even notice John Legends hairline. Amazing.


Eh, it was hella awkward more than anything. Mostly because this could be interpreted by some as a sympathy grab (premeditated or not) and that overshadows what he could've achieved with a well-executed performance from start to finish. At least then one might be able to make an argument that irrespective of his personal life, he has some talent to offer the world on a "professional" level. But now everyone's talking about his emotional breakdown mid-performance and I don't think that helps to resurrect his dwindling career. Those who haven't forgiven him or his haters aren't going to be one bit moved by what happened.


Prince is the king of side-eye, those gifs are epic.

I would have watched this had I known El DeBarge would be there!


its funny wen ppl jus hate for hate sake u hear what u want out of nikki's songs and say ur peice n dats fine really


Ahhhh.... I turned to you, because I knew you would 'get it'. Well summed up... I'd like for all the glowing reviews to post a side-by-side of Rihanna's battered face. Just to revisit. It's not like I'm completely AGAINST forgiveness if someone is truly repentant... or understands what they've done... but you are right about this dude, he is simply concerned about getting his career back on track. I really wouldn't be surprised if those tears were well thought out & orchestrated after some back-and-forth between his 'teams'. What I am also annoyed by... is how some women just gush and melt when a man cries.... boo hoo... it's somehow more impactful...

Jerzee Gurl

Woooow it's amazing how nasty and narrow minded some of you are. While I am not condoning what Chris Brown did, you all need to realize that when it happened he was a 19 YEAR OLD BOY!!!!! As far as I know 19 year old's do not make the best choices and yeah it was a bad move on his part. Not only that, none of you know what actually went on between the two of them. I am sorry but NO ONE is that good of an actor I believe he is truly remorseful for what happened and you all need to just GET OVER IT and let that man get on with his career.


Mmm willing to put money on commenter "veg" actually being Chris brown. "Let him do some good in the world" just sounds so naive, this beating happened so long ago and all I've seen Chris do in recent history is wear tacky ass bow ties and leggings on his CD cover, diaf.

No one should forgive domestic violence, and when it occurs on a global stage as it did with Chris brown and Rihanna, it should never be forgotten, nor the perpetrator celebrated, EVER. To brush off one of the most serious beatings in recent public memory due to "everyone deserving a second chance" will only perpetuate domestic violence, as Chris brown's fans, whether they be male or female, will grow up believing that such brutal violence bears no real consequence ( i.e., you can beat a girl to a bloody pulp, leave her on the side of the road and still amass a plethora of fans, money and material items.) Sorry to be so combative, however when a man puts his hands on a woman in the way that Chris did, I want nothing less than a public castration and further ostracism from the world at large.

Sarah G

I think Usher breaking down at the funeral is quite different from CB being DISTRAUGHT a year later.


Prince is like "..uh, next".


What, no gif of John Legend's face at the end of the Chris Brown performance? Because that said it all, really. El De Barge is wonderful... I sing All My Love to myself constantly. Everyone should.


Hilarious! Much as I love Prince, not even the prospect of knowing he would be there could make me sit through this garbage. But if I had known he'd be making faces like that all throughout the show, I definitely would have tuned in!


@ Sarah G
So, you've never mourned for anyone longer than a year? Furthermore, because of what happened w/ Rhianna he has not been given the opportunity to pay his tribute to MJ, he's been waiting a year to do this; he finally got his chance and was overcome just as Usher was; this is their idol and I'm sure that it has been difficult for them. But, apparently the time for public displays of emotion for MJ's passing is up. Yes, as a person C Breezy leaves much to be desired. No, I do not condone domestic violence. But, as an entertainer, he is gifted and should be allowed to pursue his livelyhood. On a sidenote: Why is it that if you say anything positive about Chris Brown, you approve of domestic violence?


best recaps ever


I am not Chris Brown :)


"And I don't like that he borrowed a jacket that my aunt stopped wearing in '87 to accept it in."


Bee Ess

If you look at his performance for what it was, putting aside his past actions, then you might be able to understand the critique.

How is it Janet can get through her tribute to her brother without crying, but Chris Brown can't? I can empathize with fans who cried about MJ and never knew him. My problem with Brown's performance is that he talks about being a performer and so on, but didn't perform. Other artists, such as Stevie Wonder, have been able to do tributes to MJ without the drama and *gasp* were truly friends with him. He couldn't even get out 5 words.

On top of everything, instead being a tribute to MJ, now it is just an attention getting move that has people fighting about he's-a-douche-go-away and he's-sorry-get-over-it. How about way-to-screw-up-a-great-MJ-song-you-jerk?


Chris Brown beat a woman. THAT makes me cry.

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