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Ok, hold up. Is there a longer clip of this performance other than the 2:30 on gawker, because where was this amazing dancing talent that everyone is talking about? Was there a second part to that performance? Because dude just dragged his feet around the stage and kept the microphone at his side and at one point got on this knees. Wha?

As much as I thought that whole thing sucked, I think it was just a poor choice of performers by the awards show directors. He must have rehearsed this at some point, and either done flawlessly, or he broke down at the rehearsal too and they should have canned him.


i couldn't agree with you more in regards to brown...another performer should have done this and probably would have done it better. it was a shrewd move made by his pr team, and some people actually seem to be buying it...ugh.

the 1st part just really made me miss mj, while his bawling and subsequent standing o from the audience made me question my faith in the black community.


Rich is on point about Brown. Simply put, he made a tribute to MJ about himself. No one is even talking about MJ today. Everyone's just talking about Chris Brown's breakdown.

And, we can agree to disagree, but I think if you actually believe CB was crying because MJ is gone, then you are a very naive person. "Man in the Mirror" is not a song about remembrance (like say for example, "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday").

"Man in the Mirror" is about changing oneself. CB intentionally cried during this song to send a message to the world that he has "changed." And his "change" is SOOOOO dramatic that he just has to cry about it in front of the world as opposed to his therapist...oh, wait sorry, I mean his mother and his priest because he doesn't need therapy according to him and his people.

Whatever, I'm not buying it. I'll cut him some forgiveness when I hear these words, "I was wrong. I will never put my hands on a woman again. I will learn to control my anger." I don't want to hear about "the situation" or how both of us "hurt each other" or how he won't let his FANS down (unbelievable!) or how no one will let him be great (shout-out to Kanye!). All, I want to hear is "I was wrong. It will not happen again. I will learn to control my anger."

The day that happens, which incidentally will be the day that hell freezes over, is the day that I can begin to give Chris Brown some sort of "break."

And, FYI, I wish people would stop making sweeping generalizations about the "black community" accepting CB back. The WORLD has a lack of respect and empathy for women. Plenty of whites, latinos, asians, etc. have welcomed back celebrities, AND non-celebrities, who have attacked women. See Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen, Roman Polanski, etc. This isn't a black community problem. This is a WORLD problem.


The best tribute so far. People only care if your names are Chris Brown, and Rihanna. If it's anyone else, they don't give a flying you know what.

That's not an opinion, it's a fact.


Once again Rich, I thank you for watching this ish because I need to sleep at night.

Chris Brown? Look, I have been on the other end of the domestic violence. I forgave that asshole when he stopped making it all about his pain and how it affected him and how mean I was being and how everyone thought he was awful. Poor baby. Also didn't hurt when he moved two states away and stopped contacting me to whine and cry about it. And when he finally just got on with it and stopped feeling sorry for himself. Get that? Abusers feel sorry for themselves. I suggest Chris Brown do the same. Just get on with it and stop trying to make Michael's tribute about yourself. And stop crying about how everybody hates you. Damn.

If I could have seen one moment live? It would have been Prince's side eye. Now I know why he wears so much makeup. To dramatize the side eye.


OK why did the co-host of the Daily Ten on E! just rip off your Chris Brown critique?



Hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed this review. I made a point not to watch this but, suddenly I've found myself searching the TV guide to find out when it re-airs.


Keep speaking the truth, Reese.


Rich, I adore you so much. I didn't have to watch the show because I knew you would sum it up beautifully, and insightfully (and hilariously).

Thank you, thank you!


What is this "let hime get on with his livelihood" bullshit? No one's holding him back from doing shit except maybe getting within a 500 metre radius of Rihanna. He's been "allowed" to pursue his career and people aren't buying it because the music is terrible. If he came out with a hit record I've no doubt people wouldn't care and would vote with their ears, not their conscience or sense of morality. But he didn't and that's because he's a hollow act, barely talented enough to carry a tune in a bucket, and given reverence on the basis of his dancing skills. But he's not a dancer -- he's a recording artist who dances. I'm not interested in that and neither are most people on this planet, thankfully.

Chris Brown has had every opportunity to regain his popularity and even public respect, but he has not taken it and stans need to face that. No one is holding back from buying Brown's record out of disdain; it's because he's irrelevant and his place has already been taken by the likes of some other pretty, tin-eared, thin-voiced black boys whose names I can't recall right now. There's no music and no takers -- end of story.


This has got to be the best review of a shit storm ever. You're my new favorite person.


Didn't Michael Jackson overcome "touching small boys"? Isn't that worse than hitting a woman?


This awesome recap coincides with my current irrational infatuation with that El DeBarge "Who's Johnny" song. This is eerie, because I haven't thought about El DeBarge in over a decade.


Leave it to Rich to summarize perfectly. Thanks for the recap; I don't feel like I missed a thing. I see they did Prince dirty though with this crap!


Y'all need to remember what Chris did - he freaking strangled Rihanna til she couldn't breathe, bashed her head into a window, threatened to kill her and BIT her ear and fingers. Then he left her in his car screaming for her life while he ran away!

Fuck him, I don't give a shit if he begs on his knees for forgiveness, don't beat on helpless women when they catch you texting your ex and don't ruin Man in the Mirror because you're a disgusting abuser who still doesn't get why everyone hates you now bawwwww!! Moron.

LOL @ Prince, where would we be without his crazy expressions?


Did not know El Debarge was going to be there-BEST PART of the entire show. Loved. You show em how it's really done, El! I could listen to him all day.

If you're going to be so (allegedly) callous as to not support the community that's providing your orgasms, you can at least silently respect it by not telling jokes that posit gay sex in the negative realm...

..out loud in office "YES!" I hated that moment. her closet is the most unorganized one in entertainment.

and you are so spot on about C Brown. Was ALL about him, not MJ. question for producers of show, did he sing Man In Mirror at rehearsal? Cause I'd like to see the tape, I dont think he could have hit those notes if he tried. So crying was really the only answer there anyway.

loved this post Rich, loved!


I don't think Chris Brown deserves anyone's money or attention. But then, neither do any of the other woman-beaters: Jackson Browne, Anthony Kiedis, Scott Weiland, James Brown (what is it with guys named Brown beating up women?), etc., etc.


Am I alone in thinking that even Chris Brown's dancing ability is quite overrated? I mean, he's better than me, sure...


I've never read or heard of this blog before today, and now I'm wondering how I ever lived without your witty, on-the-money commentary. Chris Brown's lack of charisma is a mind-boggler, he just doesn't exude that star quality, intangible "x" factor...let's hope BETs obvious play for the comeback kid is a flop.

Speaking of flop, dear god somebody please put Nikka Minaj out of my misery. Lil Wayne and the whole world can try to push her on me, but her flow is whack. She's trying to steal a page from the Gaga book of fame by looking "outrageous" but Gaga has talent to back up her fame-mongering, while Minaj is a hack.


Awesome recap! and so glad you watched it so I didn't have to.


And all of you are perfect...


this pretty much works if you hate everbody thaqt was there and by the way trey songz was awsome ans sexy

la chica

first visit, first comment, awesome writing. nice work dude.


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