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Kelly Wright

This is amazing. I have never commented before, but really love your blog. It's the gems like this that truly make my day. And I thought the JAZZERCISE FUNK WORKOUT was good!


love it


When Susan came on the screen she synched up with your hero gif. The universe aligned at that moment. I came.

Also, Diane Horner's hair = Lady GaGa's hair in "Alejandro"


Oh my gosh, this is too funny! You really couldn't make this shit up, lol!


The 80's was (were?) a vile decade for fashion and hairstyles. Thanks for this, Rich, it will replace the whale in my nightmares.

Chris Humpherys

Dude... you're killin' me.

You had me at Chaka Khan's purse comment on Twitter. Trust no one!

Let's exchange blogrolls. Hit me up at


I can't wait to break this out at the club.


jamie's ass was hypnotic

i think i'm pregnant now


I had Susan's hairstyle in 1985.

Arikia Millikan

OOOOOOOOOMg. How is that one move exemplary of anything related to basketball?? I think I've seen another episode of this on Everything Is Terrible, but I hope I'm wrong because there is no way this is a series...

PS: Love the blog!


Congratulations? It was just featured on Perez Hilton. Not sure if you'd appreciate that or not though, lol.


This IS Jammin'!


Did you see Perez Hilton is a fan of your work? Though he doesn't give you credit:


I've watched this at least 20 times at this point and I can't stop laughing! Great edit, Rich!




I just saw this on Perez Hilton

Francesco is procrastinating jacked your video and didn't credit you

just FYI


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hahaha! this is hilarious! thanks for sharing!


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Perry Elyod

And what? Nobody notices Heidi's camel toe? Always fixated on the white bread?

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This is the best video I have ever seen.

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