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June 02, 2010



I am in love with you're everything.
I found your site in March and read all of it in a couple weeks.
I now come on the site at least 5 times a day JUST IN CASE you posted something.
Keep up the amazing work...Happy anniversary!

Anne Noise

Happy five year anniversary, Rich. Glad to have you around.

the Constantly Dramatic One

Happy 5th Anniversary.

I am a relatively new reader, about a year or so but I have to say that you have always managed to cracked me up with every post. My favourite however, would have to be the Shakira one.

That was Epic.


Happy anniversary, Rich!
May you have many more years of wit, gifs, antm (ok, maybe not that!) and meetings with interesting people. It's the latter I believe I've enjoyed the most, especially you and Mary Carey watching tv on the sofa.
Best wishes!


You make law school bearable. God bless you. PS- the Celine & Beyonce videos are my all time favorites


I'm a long time follower of your blog--maybe 2006? I probably found it many cycles ago when looking for ANTM-related stuff. I read every post even if I don't like/am familiar with the subject or not.

I can't say that I think I know you through your posts, but I will say that it's fun to know that someone else out there in the world loves what I love (ANTM, trashy TV, horror films). Your wit and writing style, plus the obvious care and attention you bring to your posts have kept me reading all these years.

Thanks for entertaining me--and for making me think, too.


Happy happy anniversary! Thank you for being awesome. And goddammitsomuch for creeping me out with the Wicker Man animal masks up there.


Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. I found you via Cute Overload and a Winston post (one of your Thanksgiving ones - I might have been hormonal but it made me cry!) and now I am a huge fan of everything you write. Thanks for bringing such awesomeness to the internet.


Happy Anniversary, FourFour! I've been reading this blog since the "Being Bobby Brown" recaps and I love it every bit as much today as I did at the beginning!

Erika Klein

Happy 5th Anniversary, Rich! I read your blog before, but became a regular reader circa your "Fat Camp" recap. Your gif of Dianne's indifferent attitude towards dodgeball is probably one of my favorite gifs ever.

Rachael M.

Thank you for all you do. Your writing is a bright spot on the Internet. And I wish you continued success and happiness. Happy Bloggiversary!

B-Rocka A.K.A. Agenda Debonaire

Happy Anniversary, Rich. Glad we're both still here. :-D

dorothy porker

Big fan of FourFour here and big fan of the Liza Minnelli video. Up until this moment, however, I had no idea there was a connection and that you had actually created this masterpiece. To this day, I will respond to at least 5 questions a day with a chagrined "what are you talking to me about Elizabeth Taylor for?" among many other unforgettable bits. I'm forever in your debt, the universe needs more of your energy!


Your time, energy and passion are much appreciated! fourfour is part of my weekly reading (even when I'm travelling or on vacation)


You're the best. Smize on you crazy diamond!

Vanessa M

A way to reframe the "I used to read" comment: I discovered your blog due to ANTM. I suspect my days of ANTM will be over soon (especially since Tyra's talk show is fini and she'll have more spare time.) So I used to watch ANTM. I still read your blog.

Wow, great story on the NPR Ombudsman site. Your Twitter minions attacked!


Happy Anniversary and thanks for keeping me sane when I am not having a very workable day, you are like my secret best friend


I cannot believe I've been reading this for 5 years. It went so quickly. Thank you for being so consistently entertaining and intelligent. Long Live Bruce Campbell!


I've been reading this blog religiously ever since your recap of the Final 7 of Cycle 5 (Kyle's boot) This is to say I've been here since essentially the beginning.

I'll be honest though; I simultaneously cringed and sighed in relief at number 6. I was thrilled that you included it, but I was so upset it wasn't number one, or even broke the top 5, because it's one of my favorite things I've read in my life, and I'm one of those few kids that actually reads.

To have a 30 year old gay man reflect on his teenage years both in and out of the closet has helped me a lot, as a 19 year old who came out at 17. It almost certainly helped me understand why I find Lady GaGa so magnetic. I have the Madonna post bookmarked and I always have fourfour open as a tab on firefox.

You've grown and learned a lot in these past five years, and I've been here with you for the journey the entire time and learned a lot about myself in the process.

Here's to another five years of living and learning!


Congratulations on some of the best blogging I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I adore you!


I've been reading since you started your reviews of ANTM Cycle 6, and at this point you are my homepage. You're writing makes me laugh more than anyone else's, and I'm very very glad that you can make a decent living out of it :) Please keep it up!


Congratulations, Rich. I came across your writing first on the VH1 blog and found your site through a friend's blog. Your writing, commentary and gifs have made me laugh, cry and, embarrassingly at times, chortle. Here's to another 5 years! Who knows what blogging will look like then.


I think Mary Carey is (still) my fave!


I have my creepy friend Monica to thank for introducing your blog to me, and I don't think I've squeezed her breasts enough times to thank her for what she's given me!
I love your bits Rich.....,and by bits I mean your writing, y'all some dirty perverts down here.


Rich- I'm so glad i heard your "This American Life" feature on NPR and was able to discover the first and only blog i read. I too discovered you and within days read your entire archive. You make my overnight shifts tolerable, and when i read your insights i have faith that there are indeed still bright and witty people in this country. Thanks for all the work you've poured into this blog over the last 5 years, and i will never preface me reading your work with "used to".

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