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That bed's made of pure awesome!


Oh my bloody God. I am a (relatively) sensible 28 year old, and every damn time, Winston reduces me to a ball of flailing, squeaking ridiculousness. This is positively the cutest thing that ever did cute. Until the next time you post, obviously. I never thought I could feel so much affection for a cat I have never even met. I love you guys.


The picture Winston disapproving of Rudy having fun in the banana bed just made my morning.

Except now I have "Get in da bed, de ba-NA-NA bed" to the tune of the old Banana Boat commercials stuck in my head.


Of. The picture of Winston disapproving.


Amazing pictures and amazing cats.
Everything about this post is perfection.


OMG, this is the most perfect gift EVER in the history of perfect gifts!!! Watching the video had me giggling madly, I could tell he was tripping on the 'nip. Rudy is such a glorious little furball...

You, sir, have the most fabulous kitties I think I've ever seen! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!


HOLY ADORABLENESS. Please keep posting pictures to Winston's Twitter. I have the same sentiment as Incorrigible. So much love for these absurdly wonderful cats.


This post makes me so f-ing happy! :) Thank you.


Wow, that bed is made of love and pure win! Amazing! Tis post made my week. :)

the Constantly Dramatic One

That disapproving pic slays me.

We can totally give the LOLcat treatment with that one.


Rudy is ROLLLLLLLLIN' in that first pic!


If Rudy and Winston are anything like my cats even tho the bed is small they're both squeeze into it together just so one cat doesn't get the upper hand.

Vanessa M

I was gonna say look how pissed Winston looks at Rudy lying in his bed, mid-roll. But does Winston ever not look pissed?

Why am I also not surprised catnip doesn't work on him?

I'm desperately trying to read the names of your DVD's.


Apparantly only about 2/3 of all cats are susceptible to catnip.
I'm not surprised that Winston is one of the immune ones :P





This post made my day. I just want to grab Rudy and Winston and press their furry heads to my bosom and squeal in delight. This would not make them happy, but me? It would make my LIFE.


That screenshot with Winston in the background as Rudy is in ecstasy is awesome. Just look st Rudy's face; priceless!

That bed is awesome though, looks very snug

Rachael M.

Oh. My.

I hoped it would be loved. But this? This is beyond awesome. Thank you. And I was totally not kidding about the love - it's there. Enjoy, enjoy! You're amazing. I love those kitties so much.

Grace Robbins

This is perfect photojournalism. I hate bananas but this could change all that.


That's so sweet!! They both love it, how nice


OnTheLoveWall says Winston have a twitter. I MUST FOLLOW....where's the link to it?

Heather H

Well done, Rachael!

Advanced Colon Max

Interesting but funny as well!! It looks as if it is their favorite bed.


I always love the combination of Rudy's sleek beauty and Winston's more unconventional looks.


I agree that the best picture is disapproving Winston. Rudy looks half in the tank and you can almost hear the "tsktsktsk" coming from Winston.


I was slowly scrolling down, reading about Rudy's ecstasy with the bananabed/catnip; I only saw winston as I was reading that part.
The second I reached that crazy picture of Rudy with Winston staring on I burst out laughing - That was SO unexpected. Holy cow that may be the best/craziest image I've seen on this site.

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