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sooooo cute!!!!!! i'm glad you linked her store. i love good kitty beds

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Eveything is perfect.


These pictures are great! Just go to show that cats are best pets to have.

bottle jack

anniestone: your personal-narrative-book-reviews are amazing. Is this a genre I've just never bumped into? Or are you doing something new here? I don't read conventional book reviews of works I haven't read because I'm terrified of how a slapdash reviewer will muck up my reading of a carefully wrought book. But these essays on the experience of a book? I could read a lot of these.

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Catherine, this tech stuff is moving too fast for me. I don't know how you keep up. As you know, I have an iPad. I'm thinking of upgrading to an iPad 2. While I am busy making a decision of iPad 2, there is speculation about the release date of iPad 3. This stuff is old before I have even made a purchasing decision. Maybe I can sell my original iPad as an antique.

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I have two main comments--first, that these arguments seem to me to be "deja vu all over again," meaning that that are pretty much the same (basic) arguments made against a common US currency among the states in our past.

rattan furniture

The single currency should and will survive, precisely because its framework provides a means for member states--and their people--to address the problems, while still enjoying the benefits--as we have since a ingle currency was introduced--of the single currency and the rapidly integratingeconomies.

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Second, the arguments presented spring more from an ideological position than anything else--government intervention is bad, pension benefits are excessive, etc. Most of these arguments are simply not supported by the data--especially when they are investigated at the country and sub-national levels.

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Thank you. This is beautiful, and I wish you all the best in your transition. I too am living through this sort of transition.

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beautiful, LM. i always think about when i was there - you could smell flowers, walking down the street, from people's gardens. it was pretty remarkable. thanks for these great ideas, when/if i get back there.

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I think I have seen two of these things on your list here and look at the cooler temps in the sky.


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