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June 14, 2010



God, you are deliciously reflective, sweet Rich, bearing witness to deep problems in the way we all consume popular music and culture--nostalgia versus new wave. When's your book coming out?


Amusingly (to me, at least), I drove by B.B. King while passing through the city en route from Philadelphia to LaGuardia to pick up my sister, saw SWV on the marquee and immediately thought "SWV? Who would go see SWV in 2010... wait, I totally would."

So I'm glad you got to.


Lil' Mo belting out shampoo ingredients while straining to defecate is a visual for the ages. I salute you sir.


I can't believe I missed this. I need to remember to check BB King's website more often. That set list is criminally lacking, though. Where's Black Pudd'n? It separates the boys from the men.

Agenda Debonaire

Dead dead DEAD!!! Then ALIVE ALL OVER AGAIN! Rich, you got my heart all caught up with this one... *sigh*


I love that you attended this ghetto-ass event. And hate that you didn't invite us.

April Pastorius Wise

My family has SWV to thank for making my uncle's estate a nice little bit of money in the 90's. A judge agreed with us that Rain is a straight rip-off of Jaco Pastorius' Portrait Of Tracy. Chingy did the same thing with Pullin' Me Back quite a few years later....though he did it legally.

Thank you, majority of the hip hop world for being so unoriginal!

-a pastorius

sean ingram

who is wrote this article sound so ignorant. the good things is we know who SWV is we do not or care not to know this play play author


Aw honey. The same thing happened to me(Candy Rain/Tell me singalong at a club) a month ago. It's just something about a group of people simultaneously singing a song from back in the day...gets me every time.


I haven't liked Taj since she was on Survivor, sorry.

But Coko <3


This sounds like so much fun. I see we're around the same age too (I'm 32). Glad you had fun and glad they sounded good.

Question, why isn't Lil Mo more popular? She can sing like no one's business.

K. Rock

I love that you went to this. I think I am in love with you. Will you love me back?


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" I can't tell you how great it is in 2010 to be in a room full of people who audibly gasp for the opening strains of Guy's "I Like," or who can sing Groove Theory's "Tell Me" verbatim. Being surrounded by a Chuck-induced sing-a-long of Soul for Real's "Candy Rain" felt like a sonic hug."

I emphatically concur! I realize this comment is a bit belated but came to your site today to listen to the Jak&Jil mix from a couple years ago.

Thanks for the jams.


well the tribute couldnt of been that bad if coko was in tears!!!

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Cool video!

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