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mary ellen

thank you for sitting through that so I didn't have to. :)


TY for expressing exactly how I felt about this whole mess and for sharing my hatred for Up in the Air


christ sandra looks like fran drescher sometimes


Christina Agulera was just dressed like a PJ Sparkles doll last night.


i think ken jeong and his acceptance speech suited the award show perfectly. he was random, all over the place, painfully unfunny and desperate...just like the show itself. i only saw bits and pieces but from your review i can tell i didn't miss much. shit is just sad now...mtv truly needs to be renamed wtf.


Speaking of Zach Efron not giving a shit about the gay rumors - did anyone else notice that when the Kiss Cam went to him and Vanessa Hudgens, they both looked like they'd rather lick Russell Brand's ass than kiss each other? They're mutual EWWWW! was almost audible.


I didn't see the awards show, but that thing with Ken Jeong (with the crying and his wife) sounds like he was making a reference to his character on that sitcom he is on (in which he cries about his wife).


This was a monstrous event. I...I can't even put it into words.


Junhow is kind of dumb.

Also, Miranda Cosgrove has recently turned 18. Regardless, you shouldn't be quite so prudish, Rich. I seem to remember you carrying on about the fuckability of each of the various Jonas Brothers when they weren't much older.

Tammi Littlenut

Oh my god, I'm so in love with the busty lady behind Sandra in those gifs. She appears to be annoyed by the terribleness and ashamed of herself for being there. The face of reality + Sandra's maniacal laughter = hilarity! This is art.

I'm so glad I didn't actually have to sit through this disgusting show and instead just got the highlights in gif form. Thank you!


Those Sandra gifs really set off my embarrathy. I'm so glad that I didn't tune in 'cause I was thinking about it since Aziz Ansari was hosting.


Yep, I just read some more about the Ken Jeong thing. I'm totally dumb. Sorry.

(infuriating flat hair!)


"What a wasteful person."

Thank you, so much, for finally putting into words how I feel about Katy Perry.

Anne Marie

I love the boobs shaking behind Sandra Bullock in the last of the group of her laughing.


shit was terrible

the gifs are magic though


I had to watch most of this at x2 speed today and it was still horrible. I'd prefer a less polished show with more spontaneous moments, but there was seemingly none of that.


I don't understand how Katy Perry's music is so poppy, catchy and fun, and her costumes are so crazy and over the top, yet she falls so flat whenever she performs live. Step your game up, Katy...I can sing into a hairbrush in my living room and be more entertaining!

Well said, Rich. It was so weird being in that crazy time-warp of terrible. The MTV Movie Awards are always ridiculous and stupid to an extent, with moments ready made for watercooler discussion (such as the Bruno-Eminem thing last year). However, it seemed that this year they became completely misguided and lost all ability to find relevance in the show.

I reviewed the show on my blog ( and I was similarly amazed at how much MTV stopped caring.


I'm a hardcore Mariaholic, but I gotta say, Katy Perry's "choreography" thing seemed to bear a very strong resemblance to poor Mariah's efforts in her "Honey" and "Heartbreaker" videos.


LOL @ katie. Mista Sheffieeeeeld!


Can't stand Katy Perry's singing/music (do love showtunes though) but one of those gifs of her and her dancers was in perfect time to the radio playing and so I sat there oddly mesmerised watching it for ages.

I can't imagine what it's like to actually be present at one of these things - I think I'd probably end up making like Kristin Stewart and averting my eyes as well...


with the amount of nose touching that Robert and Kristen did, and the jitteryness of Kristen when they were on stage for the best kiss or whatever... I would say that they must have been drugged out of their minds at that point!


Meh. I actually liked Christina Aguilera's performance. She held back on the screaming/vocal acrobatics and actually sang. I actually had no hope for her album after hearing Not Myself tonight, but then I heard the "leak" of Woohoo, and got excited. My perverse side really likes the song, lol. Anyway, great recap. I'm glad you did it because the uncomfortable laughing Sandra gifs are golden.


is that Bobby Zarin dancing with Jennifer Lopez?

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