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Vanessa M

I often feel confused by pop culture people having a moment. I wonder if it is a sign of age. And, maybe. Yes maybe it's not a bad sign of age like yelling at kids to get off your lawn (which sadly I confess I also feel like doing occasionally even though I live in a townhouse and the lawn is not even mine.) Perhaps it just means I am less gullible to media hype being the sole reason I should be a fan. Yes, you Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart.

Sandra Bullock has always seemed like a nice girl. Unfortunately that seems to be the alpha and omega of her acting talent. I boycott to the extent I am able but her films are playing 24/7 on some cable channel somewhere. If one more drone tells me that fucking beauty pageant movie was funny, I will lose my shit.

Where was I? Oh, thank you for watching this for us.


those boobs!! (of the chick behind Sandy). I mean, really?


Haha, those aren't even CLOSE to Russell Brand's real teeth either - or at least last I saw he was still repping the "au naturale" British look (and frankly, good for him, but poster=reality fail).


Yep someone needs to tell the MTVN management less is often more. This beast of a show is unwieldy and over-hyped. There are so many things going on and rotating and moving and flashing I can't focus. Anyway, it sucked and thanks for calling bullshit on this monster of a show.

Muscle Max XL

This award show has become one of the memorable moments of my life. I am really looking forward to watch its repeat telecast.


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