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I just took issue with the fact they even bothered to explain the sickness. I liked not knowing, i liked the mystery. I thougut the first one was fine (the remake was awful of course) and this sequel totally shit the bed. oh well.


Thank you for commenting on the filmmaker's misunderstanding of their own medium. Friends always rag on me for bringing stuff like this up because they don't think it's important enough detail to warrant attention. Thank Jebus someone else out there understands what it feels like to constantly have your suspension of disbelief rendered moot by stupid filmmaker-ey oversights.

miss mel

Sooo... I saw the pic and thought it said Dreck! lol. I got really excited and thought you were bringing us some more of Mr. Andre Leon. Too bad. I'm sure a POV horror movie where ALT is the hero (or villain) sounds like it would've been better than this, dare I say it, dreck.


Haven't seen the original, or even this one. But I saw Quarantine, which I know is the remake. I liked it, even though everyone I ask says it stunk. So they seriously took it in a spiritual direction? Ugh, I'm fine with zombies just being a biohazard, kthxbai.


haha this was hilarious. I really get far too afraid of even the stupidest of horror movies, so I can't really watch them, but your reviews always make me laugh so hard.


“Here you go, Rich: We’ve resurrected Russ Meyer so that he can direct Mariah Carey in a proper biopic that features a score of recently never-heard-before vintage Italo disco -- the good kind.”

That sounds like the most awesome thing ever.


I liked Quarantine :P Never saw Rec though.
The sequal sounds like shit. Demon possession huh.... good grief.


@Dodger, well they DID explain it in the first one, albeit quite superficially. I loved the way they threw in so much supernatural and historical plotting right when the film was climaxing.

And in general, this movie is obviously not a movie that takes it's artifice seriously. From the first film's scene where you actually watch him rewind the footage and play it back, you're already being told "yeah, just play along. We know. We know..." and it didn't bother me in the slightest.


So you're saying this is not a documentary?

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hahaha this was hilarious,what joke.i don't thought this has any story which i never see in other horror movie.


Really fantastic musing on this film you've done here. You inspired a laughing fit with "Am I dead?" I never looked at it with such a critical eye for camera technique/flaws but now that you've pointed it out, I realize how ridiculous it is. Great job.

Josh Meyers

Suspend your disbelief, loser.


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I'll just say interesting :)

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