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June 24, 2010



lol cute


Both are out of the CL, both are out of the Copa del Rey

Real have a slight advantage in the title race because Real have easy teams left

Who is going to win the title?

Force Factor


That "Bitch Outta Me" song is really good. She's signed to Jive? The label all the non-threatening, non-country Idol contestants are signed to? Yeah, she's going to be cleaned up a lot. I can't really tell from what I've listened to if she has a strong enough voice to survive being divorced from material like this, either. I hope it's more of a Jill Scott or Macy Gray situation, where they have a couple commercial tracks on each album and the rest are very true to their writing style, but I'm not holding my breath.

 Force Factor

K. Michelle is so nice woman and she is hand style so nice and its looking so hip-hop girl.


I am still loving this mixtape, and just referred to "Where They Do That At?" as "Song Cry"-ish this weekend. Thanks, girl.


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