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June 18, 2010



Drake always makes me smile because being a Toronto girl myself he reminds me so much of guys I know and went to school with. All his mannerisms are so totally Toronto middle-class black guy. Plus Canadian always have a irrational sense of pride when Degrassi alums make it big.


**"shut it down" is the title of drake's single with the dream. "put it down" is a track on dream's second album.

(both of those tracks are fire, btw) :)

K. Rock

I like his album but as more of an R&B album than a rap album. It is very 808ish but it does not make me want to jump off a bridge like that one did. And yes, Drake's voice is very annoying but...ok I got nothing on that one.


I'm fascinated by your conflation of feminine, gay, and neutered.

Hannah j

I actually saw him live at a festival and he as god awful. I was excited to see him sing- he ended up rapping, all of his songs, BADLY!

I'm pretty sure he can't actually sing.. his voice was just bad..

Golden J

You've done a pretty great job of making Drake seem interesting, but sorry, it just isn't working for me. I find him boring, not all that great of an MC, and quite overrated. I find his rapping voice intolerable.

His singing on "Find Your Love" is very nice, though. "Shut It Down" is good too - but what do you mean when you say his singing isn't autotuned? "Shut It Down" is one big autotune-fest (just not as overboard as a T-Pain song might be).


Every time I see him I think to myself "Wheelchair Jimmy" done good.


Second Toronto girl here, I've been a fan of Drake for over 6 years and you're right about his voice. It's much higher in his earlier work but it worked for him. As for his style, it's truly Canadian. We don't really focus on what genre's should be up here. We just let people do their thing. Artists like Nelly Furtado, etc move across music styles fluidly and we love it! I knew that when Drake started working with Kanye he'd go 'hard' talking about money, cars, and ho's because that's what rap is in the US. It's boring and it's played out. I'm going to keep listening to his earlier work.


Rich I want to know what you think when Eminem's new album comes out.


Singing is pretty much a requirement for Canadian rappers. That must be where he picked it up. :)


Great post. I find it so refreshing to have Drake in the hip hop scene. He's putting another knife in the back of the aged, tired gangster rapper archetype that has dominated hip hop and even spilled over into R&B.

The album is excellent and a solid listen from start to finish. I was surprised to learn that "Thank Me Now" was done by Timbaland. Drake really bend Tim to his sound rather than vice versa, which is pretty rare with Tim.


Remember Drake started out singing, then began rapping - his 1st project (w/ Trey Songz). Thank God for Drake in the hip-hop world of mediocrity! So sick of the boring, chauvinistic rappers. Don't agree w/ males automatically being deemed "gay" for showing sensitivity. Maybe other rappers with take his cue! Love Drake!


It doesn't matter if he's homosexual. What matters is that he's very, very, very, very, very, very, very...




Why are critics pontificating over this fool? There is nothing new or refreshing about him. Is it because he might be slightly less annoying than what came before him? Pfft!

I'll stick with the coffee cake, thank you very much.


A bit late, but I wanted to second Lily's comment - he's a very typical Toronto guy. He's in all probability not gay, just a born and bred Torontonian. They're likely to seem gay to an outsider. I found it very confusing for a while. He's actually on the butch-er end of the native Toronto guy spectrum, I would say.


He's not Toronto - he's Downsview.


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Singing is pretty much a requirement for Canadian rappers. That must be where he picked it up.

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I don't like him.

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