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June 11, 2010


lily belle

Rich, you need to get over this Minaj shit. Please stop taking her so seriously...Nicki is clearly silly and not a threat to female rap SO RELAX.


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! My God, I thought I was alone in my disdain for Minaj- so many people on the bandwagon. She's just like Family guy- so popular but not at all clever. Just cheap tricks...but that's enough for most


Nicki's songs are catchy and she's Young Munaaaaayyyy so she'll continue to do fine whether Keys tries to take her to task or not. Don't get me wrong I want to see more femcees like Keys, who seemed to have disappeared after the mid-90s, maybe except for Eve and Jean Grae.
Now Jean Grae... there is the most talented femcee I've ever listened to and she blows Nicki, Keys, Kim, and anyone else out of the water, but has unfortunately earned little commercial success.


Rich, great article but I don't know if I would say she isn't a rapper. Wasn't Will Smith and his catching summer hits a rapper? Furthermore, Nicki Minaj's first mixtape Sucka Free really demonstrated real lyrical talent. Am I mad she wants to capitalize on the same success that Lady Gaga, Ke$sha (oh brother), and other white pop starlets have done? No but I also don't think Keys has much to say - once the anger is gone what will "the Problem" be next?


Also Rich how is this different Jay-Z and Nas? Nas was calling Jay-Z's more commercial songs a disrespect to hip-hop even to the point where he proclaimed hip-hop was dead. While Nas is clearly the more talented and real of the two, Jay-Z had sales. Some times it is about a dollar, Rich. Not a movement.


In nobody in particular's defense I'd say that Nicki is more of a rapper than ohhhh let's say Ke$sha is a singer. Let's be honest, being a music sensation doesn't always involve talent.

Golden J

In the vein of "can't we all just get along?" I'm wondering why this girl, who seems pretty talented, has to focus all her output on tearing down the ONE successful female rapper at the moment? I mean, really? Was ONE too much?

I'll just add that Nicki Minaj may not be so great but she adds a hell of a lot more to our world than Drake does. (And yeah, she's way more of a rapper than Kesha is a singer.)

Dan in NYC

Maybe this is a sign that I'm getting old, or that media is now so "niche" that I'm not seeing anything I'm not looking for anymore (not surprising given the increasingly black or white, conservative or liberal way that media seems to be going lately), but I've never heard of either of these people.

Loved your take, Rich, and felt like I learned something even though it simultaneously made me feel a little out of touch.


Love that B-more accent. Looooooooove it!


*team keys


Great read!

c cleveland

In defense of nicki.... Is nicki talking about anything of importance? No, but who is? Growing up a female in hip hop had to be butch and angry or sexy and slutty. Nicki is allowing black girls to be girly, silly, and random. And for that I stan. And while I'm not sold on the barbie movement her mixtapes show she has the potential to move beyond it. That's what I'm really excited to see.


Girl, your weirdo Minaj hateration is still throwing me. I get that a LOT of people find her annoying as hell, but I mean... Eve? Lil' Kim? Yo-Yo? As much as I enjoy them, none are what I'd call "great female MCs" let alone "great MCs". And definitely wouldn't call Keys any better than your average street girl spitting freestyles on the corner. Keys don't make me laugh and she don't make me cry; all she does is talk smack (about others and herself), and not even wittily.

MInaj is silly, sure. But so were/are Beastie Boys, Eminem, Missy, Lil' Wayne, Luda and a zillion others. Hating the persona and the package is one thing - I can't stand 99.7% of Eminem but would never say he's talentless as you keep doing with Minaj.

And if you can't give props to Minaj for rapping repeatedly about boning Obama (and...Cassie...), then I'm not sure whose blog I've been reading for five years.


Keys sucks.

To single out a few lyrics and claim that all of her lyrics are a string of non sequiturs is lazy. You're just picking on her because she's female.

I don't care what y'all say, to get flyer than a kite and higher than Rapunzel is genius.

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Cute girl!

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Where can we hear some of her work?

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