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June 25, 2010



I love that Tom Hanks-looking motherfucker jamming on the pole. He is so into it.


Watching that made me all emotional again :(


I always miss NYC, but this video REALLY made me miss it. Crazy shit going down when you least expect it. Love it.


I'm glad it was PYT, one of my very favorites of the oeuvre.


Fucking Williamsburg hipsters on the L train. Of course it was the L train...

Still pretty cool though. Shit like that never happened on the way to Bay Ridge. Fucking R train BLOWS!


The "Tom Hanks-looking motherfucker" makes the same face I do when I dance, which my boyfriend refers to as "can you BELIEVE this fucking jam???" face. How. Embarrassing. Love it!

Eric H.

Best post title ever.


this kind of outburst of joy smothered in saddness happen all over the world....the news showed scenes like this the day of and after his death.what other star envolked this kind of reaction from their death?no one!MJ ,u were like a fairy tale ,did u really exist?can there be such a beautiful person that lived in this world of maddness.love u 4ever MJ....."break on through to the other side"


I remember when this was posted last year and I immediately fell in love with the "Tom Hanks" guy. So cute and corny and free.

Tederoni, come and fly with me!


At the risk of sounding terribly cheesy, it's amazing how MJ's music is recognizable and evokes such positive reactions in people, at least in the case of his earlier dance hits. ("Earth Song" probably wouldn't have the same effect.) During the Philadelphia Marathon last year there were some bystanders in the 'hood who were blasting MJ on a boom box around mile 8. It was on "Beat It" when I ran by them. All of the runners, including myself, smiled and sped up a bit. It was awesome.

Wendy Young Clark Mixon

Wow, a party was about to break out there! All they needed was someone to pass a bottle!


""Earth Song" probably wouldn't have the same effect."

The interesting thing about that song is that it seems it was a huge hit almost everywhere in the world except the US and Cananda. It was more popular throughout much of Europe than just about any other Michael Jackson song, with the exception of 'Black or White' and maybe 'Billie Jean'.

I've just been itching to say that somewhere.


aaaww Rich, you put a smile on my face when I really needed it. Excellent post title. Excellent video. And P.Y.T. was the cherry on top.

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I'm sure he wouldn't be happy with that...........

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I'm glad it was PYT, one of my very favorites of the oeuvre.


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