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June 21, 2010


Michael Seth Novick

This documentary was so fucking good. I watched all of it in one sitting and I wanted more. So then I watched the other four hours of deleted stuff. It was almost Ken Burns thorough.


Agreed. A highly entertaining doc. Especially the dominatrix who does her interviews with fake blood on her face.


Rich, you should probably take this video down from Youtube before they take it down and strike your account. They are very strict when it comes to nudity and will strike your account in a heartbeat. I know from experience. Daily Motion and Vimeo are both more open to nudity so you can reupload it there.


They dropped quite a few "Elm St." references into "JT10OU." Will have to check out this doc!


Good shout on the Lubbock Babes. I was always horrified that the one turned into a cockroach.


I've always felt this way about Friday the 13th: A New Beginning - Particularly the opening murders: When the 2 guys in low-grade leather gear are killed in the beginning, Jason kills one by ramming a road flair in his mouth. And Tommy just seemed *GAY* to me.


I vaguely remember watching Nightmare on Elm street but would have been too young to "get it." Almost makes me want to go back and watch it again...


I refuse to believe that all those people were that clueless. Was it everyone's first film? Did they not read the screenplay all the way through? Did no one stop to think that whipping the coach's ass with towels or going to a leather bar might be suggestive? Really? Only the writer knew? Bull. I'm thinking Englund had to get that but focused on his own character's motivation for the actions. Then again, I've written seemingly innocent stories before and gotten nasty rejections back that such and such magazine doesn't print pornographic material, so what do I know about naivete?

I know that this tends to be the ANOES that goes ignored by the ardent horror fans because of the content, but I enjoy it well enough. The quality's not so hot, but the story is interesting and I always get a good laugh from it.


This issue has been plaguing me for YEARS! I'm glad somebody had the courage to put to it on film and expose it!!


wow, this is probably my favorite franchise. I had no clue about this documentary, but i'm gonna seek it out. thanks for the heads up rich!
i can't place the third lubbock babe, but heather and the girl that turns into a cockroach. amazing fast facts!!


Video has been removed. Got a backup?


Yes, it is the gayest thing ever, but I specifically recall looking all over the interwebs for stuff about the gay subtext after I watched it, and I feel like the writer somewhere said that he didn't intend that at all, but looking back he can't imagine how he couldn't see it--am I just imagining this? I also think the actor in it turned out to be a gay.


I can't believe I missed this. What channel was it on? Maybe they'll show it again! Argh.

Name Required?

Lol, duh.

Jason Miller

This is one of my favorite horror films. It actually played at the LGBT film fest in seattle a couple of years ago. I love young Meryl Streep look a like girl in it. I wish there was a double bill with LEECHES.


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I'm thinking Englund had to get that but focused on his own character's motivation for the actions.

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