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July 15, 2010



holy f this is a brilliant review.


Agreed with above commenter. Amahzing.


your boyfriend is so lucky. you are amazing. inspired.


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That was amazing and terrifying.


Holy crap, dude. How long did that take???


Holy fucking shit. That's the best thing I've seen you do since that Kate Bush gif wall.


this is a brilliant, creative review...i'm a little disappointed b/c i would rather read YOUR words but the idea behind this makes it worth it...so smart.


Raped by the Rich again. Must be a recession. Love you.


Rich, seriously dude, you are a genius. You are entertaining, intelligent, and you continually surprised readers with your words, videos, supercuts, gifs, and now: a collage review. Brilliant!!! I started reading your blog because I was entertained, now I read it because your posts are works of art.


Also, MIA is a douchebag.


Unfuckingbelievable. Bravo.


Brilliant piece. I don't understand why all the reviewers are hating on the title so much. It clearly just reads MAYA.

K. Rock

This is amazing. Now granted, I couldn't read it because I have a natural aversion to the color blue...but amazing nonetheless.


rich are you on /\dder/\ll ?



People hate it because it's pretentious, self-aggrandizing and obnoxious. Saying it clearly reads MAYA is like sAyIng It'S pErFeCtLy oKaY tO tYpE lIkE tHiS,..not to mention it creates proofreading hell for editors writing about her work.

In other news Rich, this post is brilliant and painstakingly beautiful. The commenter that wanted to read a review in your own words may miss the point that you organized each line in your own order, presenting a pretty good approximation of your own feeling on the album/artist.

Thanks for the ridiculously good read. The effort is greatly appreciated.


Oh, NOW I get it!

John T

Brilliant. But I also feel like you wasted a lot of time on a very mediocre album.

I listened to the songs on her Myspace page and none of them inspired me to go back for a second listen. At one point, when I realized she was singing about tequila, I almost clicked the "close tab" button.

Her vocal performance on "Born Free" is annoyingly half-assed. I imagine her in the studio doing one quick take, and the producer is trying to encourage her to do one more with feeling, but she protests, "But Benjamin and I have dinner reservations at Per Se!" (Oops, I just made an ad hominem criticism. But since her artistic project is mostly based on her biography and personality, I think truffle fries are perfectly relevant to the discussion.)

The chorus of "XXXO" is just plain awful: she says "ex ex ex oh" like she's really bored eight times, and then screeches "you want me be somebody who I'm really not" four times. And I never wanted to hear Jay-Z use the word "metrosexual" in a rhyme.

I wouldn't even really care that much, if it weren't for the fact that hearing "Bucky Done Gun" with the volume turned up still sends chills down my spine five years after it was released. It's disappointing that she hasn't done anything half as good since.


So I guess you would rather talk about the only femcee actually doing it right now? Who else would reference Anna Nicki Smith? 1 can hope... :)

/\/\ /\ Y O

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