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July 07, 2010



I have been anxiously awaiting this amazing event, haha!!! Cannot even wait to watch it when I get home from work later.


"I didn't come here to, y'know, make a crotch full of friends."
Best line of this video. Potentially a new way to refer to crabs as well.


A labor of love. Thank you, Rich!


Another common line I love is all the people who see their remodeled/redecorated rooms on whatever home show and start exclaiming "It's not the same room! It's not my house!"



Youtube isn't around to make any friends, is it?

Because of these videos, and the "under the bus" video, I hear it so much more now. Thank you for enlightening me.


/nerd hat on

If I had to guess, Google (or Viacom) has a library of copyrighted content and they perform some sort of analysis on segments of submitted videos against that library. It would explain why a video I posted got the same treatment for having a tiny 5-second blurb of some song, despite my not mentioning use of the song anywhere. Either that, or they have an army of offshore laborers scouring youtube videos for $0.03 an hour or something.


I had a video suspended on Youtube; I disputed it as fair use and it was put back up. It was a compilation like yours. Basically, from what I understand, when you file a fair-use counternotice, the copyright holder has ten days to dispute that, and they often don't.


This falls under fair use laws. My friends at Know Your Meme did some research on the matter when the production company behind "Downfall" was trying to take down those ubiquitous "Hitler Finds Out" parodies. You can learn how to challenge the YouTube takedown here: http://blog.knowyourmeme.com/post/558728396/how-to-challenge-a-wrongful-youtube-takedown


I've noticed on some videos people have flipped their videos (like a mirror image) and they haven't been taken down. I think it has to do with the networks' graphics/logos in the corner...


Viacom's not here to make friends.

Vanessa M

When I heard Raven say she didn't come to RPDR to "make a crotchful of friends" I knew I would see that again this way in a supercut with your name on it.




Ice Road Truckers is my secret joy.


You'll definitely win on fair use grounds, should you decide to go that route. Youtube's response is interesting, I wonder how quickly their method of filtering will be challenged. They're quelling a lot of expression/art.


It is all extremely funny but for some reason the tossed-off line in the post "I'm certainly not here to hire lawyers" is making me weep with laughter. This is going to be my new everything. "I'm not here to have my French press leak all over my counter." "I'm not here to be awoken by my cat at all hours."


At least pretend you're here to hire lawyers. I loved your last IMNHTMF supercut, I use it every time someone on the internet says they're not saying something to be popular.


this happened to me with a video i uploaded that had some super short movie clips. It was instantly detected. I uploaded to Vimeo with no problem.

as for your post, amazing, and i'm not reading this blog to make friends with y'all btw, i'm here for Rich.


Sweetie, I can't watch many of your videos because they've been blocked for one reason or another having to do with copyright infringement. It's not just Viacom, it has to do with the DMCA. The Fair Use Doctrine doesn't apply in most cases when content is on the Internet. Many of your My Heroes clips are blocked as well.


I'm an IP lawyer. I disagree that Fair Use doesn't apply in most cases where the content is on the internet. Your use of Viacom's material is likely fair because it is transformative and because it is a parody and you're only using enough of the copyrighted material to make your statement. Finally, your use does not have any effect on Viacom's ability to commercialize their product.
If I were you, I'd dispute it just for shits and giggles. Say that your video is a compilation of video segments, none over X seconds long, which are transformed to create a parody. Say you consulted with a Copyright attorney who verifies that your use does not violate Viacom's copyright, but that you're happy to discuss it further with them. Google/YouTube won its lawsuit because - and only because - they were able to show that they have a valid and effective notice take down procedure, which is required for safe harbor under the DMCA. YouTube can't afford to not take down these videos when Viacom or other content owners tell them there's a copyright issue. YouTube isn't your enemy...Viacom is.


YouTube suggests a lawyer to fight for fair use, but it isn't a necessity. You can go through the process and see what happens if you so choose. Know Your Meme/RocketBoom did a great video a couple months ago explaining the dispute process with fair use. This should get the video back up immediately on your account. It's only if Viacom chooses to contest it again after you've defended it under fair use that you would need a lawyer.


yep, "vile" is the perfect way to describe them.


I disputed it as fair use and it was put back up. It was a compilation like yours.And you can go through the process and see what happens if you so choose.


Basketball Wives? How have I missed this?

My heart skipped a beat when beautiful Imp Erin appeared. She was so maniacal. Fantastically maniacal.

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How YouTube knew that my video contained bits (seconds at a time!) of Viacom-derived material is anyone's guess, although I think it may have read the titles I put in the actual video


It looks like the pattern is broken because Vienna managed to "win" on the Bachelor.

The competitions to win someone's love/friendship stand out for me. Only through reality TV are people willing to make a lot of enemies just to forge a relationship that will most likely go belly up.

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