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July 26, 2010





lol how did they con all these adolescents into singing for a video about TOILET TRAINING

Alyssa May

One of these things is not like the other...

(Hint, it is the chimpanzee)



It's supposed to be aspirational.... toddlers will want to be like the big kids who go potty on toilets not in diapers...

Though from the clips that you've shown the video seems a little too high concept for the target audience... shouldn't it be more like Dora the Explorer or Blues Clues... A Poo! A POO! I found a POO! Swiper keep wiping! There's still poo on your bum!

Rachael M.

Potty power to the people!


The kid at the mic - D.J. Afro Potty - is performing this foolishness with zero irony.

The other kids seem confused.

The chimp knows this is bullshit.


Everybody is going to look at me weird when i stroll through the grocery store singing POWER POWER POWER/POTTY POTTY POWER! to myself.


Rich - Can you please add this to your next New Jack Swing mix?


something about the a capella opening of "hottie for the potty" makes me wish for a disco re-edit. i'm not sure if this is the reaction of a sane person.


o________________o That about sums up my feelings much better than words ever could.




At least we now know where that Real Housewife of Atlanta got the inspiration for her song, "Tardy to the Party."


What year was this made? Lil' Rapper/Singer Dude totally looks Randy, from The Wire.



Why does it only make their "daddy" proud and happy? WHAT IS THIS FUCKERY???


I will now add I'm a Hottie for the Pottie to songs that stayed in my head for days and I Liked It!

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