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July 01, 2010



Fascinating woman who I can't make fun of because she's had some tragic shit in her life. She also has that drag queen panache I love so much (seriously). Sad to hear the effects of drug/alcohol abuse though.


I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am that you stayed up late and compiled a highlight reel of this. What don't you do for us?


Now you don't have to go to a gay pride parade EVER!
Plus, I'll always lover her as Lucille Ostero.

rod lerod

thank you!

You have a beautiful wrist, Liza.


How many bracelets can you put together?

"Just ONE is enough"

Hilarious. Thanks!!


You are the most wonderful blogger. You are a legend, an icon, beautiful, God bless you. You just come from so much diversity, and you've overcome it.


Totally stayed up late watching this last night. Worth it.


I am told I look like Liza on a daily basis. She is a crazy broad, but I love her.


"Oh Edward, is there nothing you can't do?" Peg Boggs


I feel sad for her. She sounded a little D-R-U-N-K!


"It's OUR vertigo!"


Oh Rich, you give so much to the world. Between Liza and the Paris Is Burning/Joan Rivers clips, I am having a diva meltdown. And last that sentence is probably the gayest thing I've ever typed.


I think the AP mentioned this video (and you, of course) in the third paragraph of this story:




Screw tuition for university, I'm going to buy everything she has to sell.

Vanessa M

I can't say I'm a fan of her music but I do love this woman. She had a crazy mother and multiple fucked marriages. Plus, she kicked ass on Arrested Development and isn't afraid to laugh at herself. And she's so sweet and positive: "It was thrilling to talk to you and I'll remember it." I just love that she's still around and working after all the tragedy in her life.

But did that woman who called in congratulate her on triumphing over "diversity"? (I guess I know how she feels. They have instituted mandatory diversity training at my job every few months and I've never felt more hostile toward world culture as a result.)


what is she saying when she mentions not wanting to sell the ring? i can't make out what she is whispering!?! driving me nuts.

i love that the poor model has ZERO clue what Liza is trying to tell her to do...


am i duplicate commenting?

well once must overcome DIVERSITY at times...

what is she saying about not wanting to sell the ring? something about a holster?


I fucking love you, Rich.

Tim in Toronto

Love it Rich! thank you for bring this joy today. Just wondering do you have the Larry King Liza montage you did available for download? I love that one.


This makes my year. THANK YOU. Is there anything you can't do?!


I don't know what to say. That was better than I ever imagined! Love it Rich!!!!


OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just beside myself here.. A-leeeeze upload the whole 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!


This is fantastical. Smooches!


The Widow Austero! This makes me so happy. Thank you!


Liza is crazy! hahaha
love it. totally see why she's such a great gay icon

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