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July 01, 2010


Scott Hawley



Ha. Watched all two hours myself. Here's what I think she's saying while whispering.
"No...uhh...that's not the one I want to sell...(the ring?)...No...That's Halston." She must have thought they were hocking her own garments right out from under her. Like a live TV garage sale.
Later on, she asked if she could have some jewelry. (It's her own line for god's sake.)
Also some good slurry moaning when she's playing with the models.
Kaaraazy with a K. Poor dear.


thanks for the translation! i guess that makes sense. As much sense as one can make.


perez hilton ias ll over ripping your stuff off as of late.

Helen Ellis

I do the same thing - watch mesmerized for hours - when Susanne Somers is on HSN.

Francesco is procrastinating

wow, this is the second time in the span of hours I've seen your work floating around elsewhere with no credit to you. and this time its someone you LOOOOOOOVE!

perez hilton!



Rich, Why does Perez Hilton Post all of your videos? You are beyond fabulous, him, not so much


Perez keeps posting your video.


Hmm. She needs new batteries.


This is the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life and I am now in a fetal position.


She is something else, that Liza. LOVE HER!!!!!!


this is CLASSIC! I Love me some liZa! also love how Perez ripped off your vid on his site and gave u no credit. Do I smell a lawsuit? what a lame-O!!!


i was waiting for the woman in the dress to storm off. Her agony was my extascy, amazing.

Washington Cube

Listening to the "slurs," I couldn't help but think of Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame. "Are we all lit?"


they posted your vid on perezhilton.


Also posted on TVgasm without credit.


If I could give you one of those "genius grants" from the MacArthur foundation...Smooches and thanks for posting this.


It is two in the morning and I just screamed out loud with laughter! I'm sure my neighbors are calling the cops right about now. Damn. Thanks alot, Rich!

Free Movies

Amazing .... Watched all two hours myself. Here's what I think she's saying while whispering.I was waiting for the woman in the dress to storm off.


I was there (live) for this show. Man, I've never seen someone so surrounded. She was like a human burrito wrapped in a homosexual tortilla!


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Do you think those velvet pants come with a few vicodin in the pockets?


UHMAZING! I have watched this over and over and catch something new each time.

The comment about not wanting to sell the ring: she says it's a Holsten ring (her and Liz Taylor's favrotie gay/designer--he did all of Liz's mumus in the 80's). I think she was confused and thought the whole thing was a big yard sale of her stuff and she decided she didn't want to let the rings go after all.

Love her.


Janet Charlton put this up on her site without crediting you!


"You've just come from so much diversity and you've overcome it..."

I was dying. Liza's fans are just as articulate as she is. (That poor model...) This video was the perfect end to my day.

Is it weird that I feel like I would wear the black sequin blazer?

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