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I was so perplexed and amused by that video, I can't even leave a witty retort.


Im not sure what just happened but it was fucking hilarious. The cat looks as confused as we are.


something tells me that cat is an escort, the rest of the song is all money shot.

Can't go wrong with Change's "Paradise".

Cute cat.




I'm sitting at my desk at work unable to control my laughter. That shit was hot.


My cat watched the video and then put his paw on the screen in approval. He agrees with Rich :)


Now I'm jonesing for a bump of coke.


I just died. The combination of the music and the fact it is so fucking boring made it possibly the best thing ever.


this is the best cat video. so great


I was sitting with my own red haired cat in my arms watching, with her staring in a very similar way to that confused cat under the car. I enjoyed it profusely, myself - it must have just been too deep for her.


it has happened quite few time with me also . so nothing strange in this picture .
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It looks like this cat is trying to save herself from the sunshine.

captain america

...........those damn flees!!


I like the exuberant titles... "Red Cat!" "Thank you!"

Advanced Colon

Yes!! you are right. The title of this post is not relevant.



Muscle Morph

She is looking quite scared.

Tracy Flinn

love the cat but I love the song even more.reminds me of listening to Thought Power Crew on WRTC,Trinity College.


Uhh... Isn't that an orange cat?


I have been reading your blog for approximately 5 years without ever having commented, but I just feel so compelled by this crazy video! This is the greatest thing I have ever seen on so many levels ending with: apparently this dude just takes videos of animals he thinks are amazing and puts them up with totally bizarre incongruous soundtracks. This poor cat has no idea. But you do, you're great.


First time I just watched, second time laughed so hard I cried. It just takes a little while to get it. I think the titles are actually the clincher.

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The cat looks as confused as we are.

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