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July 27, 2010



I might have to buy this just to hear Pauly D yelling, "Matrix!" Beautiful.


It's just a bunch of kids. I love them. They love when people make fun of them, (Jimmy Kehl, Twilight,) I love them! LOL! How many pompous assholes would allow THAT?! None.


Loved it, so tempted to actually buy this show, but I wouldn't put it with my regular DVD collection. Like everyone else, I can't explain.
Cannot wait until Thursday!

True blood, Mad Men, and Jersey Shore! A trifecta of brillance!!


I love this world. Inception is the new dumb, and Jersey Shore is the new smart.


I love your take on it all, Rich. So right on the money. Thank you for this. I'm not big on 'reality tv' at all, but I am thankful for the beautiful and fantastic train wreck that will be Jersey Shore: Miami!


I actually read the article in the Times before coming here and I'm glad someone called this lady on her bullshit. She had obviously been tasked with writing something about Snooki and she didn't give a shit. The whole article is pointless and badly researched. Not up to NYT standards at all!


stating that the people of the jersey shore are irrelevant is also to say that the tribe 'Ashanti' of Ghana is as well. It's anthropology. I consider the jersey shore a show filled with intellectual prospect

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Man, a truly interesting way to look at some thing that most people find difficult to comprehend. Before this post, I never quite envisaged that this is how things go.


Pauly's a DJ, Mike was a stripper, Snooki was/is in training to be a vet tech, you know, delivering baby cows. Those kind of gigs require some intelligence.


I am watching it now, Snooki called Angelina pale, Angelina said Snooki was tan, Snooki retaliated that she liked being tan. heh.


My dentist, who is Italian-American from Brooklyn, gave me a check up while the Jersey Shore was running on TV. He was telling me about how much he and his middle-aged friends love the show, how they were just the same in their early twenties as the guys on the show, and how they used to go to the Shore and raise hell in the summer. People like this show because it's fun to watch, I don't think there's much else to it.

Know-it-alls like Horyn enjoy foisting their misery on others. Life is hard enough, can we not just have this one hour a week not to worry about the fucking oil spill or Afghanistan??


I haven't taken Cathy Horyn seriously since she tried to excuse herself for calling Christina Hendricks large (with a distorted picture of Ms. Hendricks btw). It's young people having fun at the shore; what else are you looking for?

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People like this show because it's fun to watch, I don't think there's much else to it.

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