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July 22, 2010



I was just sort of meh on seeing Chloe until I read this review. I shall kick it up my Netflix queue immediately! It sounds like the sort of faux artsy trash I love.


What more can I expect from a movie that shares its name with a whole legion of dumb/pretty girls I went to elementary school with? Had Seyfried's character been named ANYTHING ELSE, the movie title of FIRST NAME (NO LAST NAME) might have worked better, but as it stands now it's only slightly less awkward than if a Tiffany or Brittany or Lisa Frank were being cast as the terror who only needs one name.


Oh come on. "Chloe" wasn't TERRIBLE. When it remained in psychological character-study territory, it was fairly compelling (and well-acted by Julianne Moore) and only slightly ludicrous. And I admire the way it lets the audience gradually realize that the protagonist is really the villain. I still don't know why it was directed by Atom Egoyan rather than Adrian Lyne, and I wasn't even remotely aroused (but I'm also a gay male). But we're not exactly talking about "Obsessed" here.


I haven't watched Chloe yet but I generally like Atom Egoyan. Have you seen Exotica, Rich?


The best thing about Chloe was the gorgeous Anthropologie coat Seyfriend wears


faux artsy = fartsy


Please please pretty please do "The Room" next. It would be two pop culture juggernauts colliding in a universe-collapsing blast of awesomeness.

Andy S.

LMAO, lord knows I love my BB Seyfried, but this looks so deliciously BAD


ok i'm not reading this, i'll just see it. i had heard it was just OK, but if the terrible erotic cheese factor is high, i'll check it out. I need an Obsessed for the year ya know?


I liked Chloe a lot. But then, I like most erotic thrillers that take place in giant crazy houses that bear no resemblance to any house I have ever myself been in. Also, I think I read that the Liam Neeson part was cut back because Natasha Richardson died in the middle of filming.


I saw this in the theater because I've had a strange, Chole-esque obsession with Julianne Moore ever since "SAFE" about a decade or so ago (have you seen it, Rich? Directed by Todd Haynes, who's marvelous; you should really see it if you haven't, I'd love to read your opinion of it). And I always thought Seyfried was the most talented and promising of the Mean Girls. "Chole" is strange and, well, stupid in parts, but yeah, no "Obsessed," and, as usually, Ms. Moore is acting her freckle face off.


Agree with you on this one - Egoyan's lamest outing yet. The only thing I really liked about it was the fact it made no bones about being set in Toronto, but that is just my own personal nostalgia train kicking in. See Exotica instead!


I am going to see this, but I'm going to wait at least 10 years because it will be even more terrible (and thus better) when it's completely outdated. See: every erotic thriller from the 80's and early 90's.

jimmy choo

Owo! It's very interesting! I am going to see!

Aion kinah

I tried to think so, but i found it was not as the same in the actual process. As you mentioned, I still have doubts, but really thank you for sharing!

Matt B.

First, how appropriate is it that I'm listening to Kate Bush right now!??!

Second, I seem to recall you doing a post (or semi-review or something) on the movie "Teeth" at some point (and, btw, I can't believe how many hits came up when I did a search on "fourfour+teeth"). And this is my one memory of that movie: if there's one thing my grad school roommate and I had in common (besides a first name, age, general place of origin, and the fact that we both attended the same college/grad program) it was that we both liked movies. But our respective tastes couldn't have been more different (he tended more towards crappy modern horror while I enjoy classic crappy horror, etc.). Anyways, one day I came home from school and he was watching "Teeth" and I immediately thought of Edy Williams from BVD, thanks to this blog! I honestly don't know how this is relevant.

Excellent, per usual.


I saw this post: "Please please pretty please do "The Room" next. It would be two pop culture juggernauts colliding in a universe-collapsing blast of awesomeness."

And I thought it read "two poop culture juggernauts" (sorry Rich). Of course that reference would certainly apply to "The Room," except that movie is so astonishingly bad it is hard to know where to even start.

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Honestly, did Chloe never see "Pretty Woman"? This is why kissing isn't allowed. It's how you fall in love.

I think one of the big problems with the movie is that the character Chloe makes no sense outside of her relationship to Julianna Moore. Like, try and think what she was doing even a week before this movie started. She's terrible at her job, obviously, because of the emotional issues. But what's her deal, exactly? All we really know about her is her fashion tends towards patterns and layers, and she maybe speaks one word of Japanese.

Vanessa M

I almost went to see this in the theatre. I always read reviews before I see a movie or read a book (because I'm 41 and hence old and I have to be choosy now with my time on the planet.) I was all psyched to go see this but the pretty much universal panning changed my mind. Well, that and when I caught wind Atom Egoyan was the director. I suspect any shitty acting is due to Egoyan's direction as he is into weird Pinteresque pauses. Also, he is mad overrated.

I do love me some Amanda Seyfried (Big Love will not be the same.) And I dunno-her and Julianne getting it on still sounds hot to me. Might have to get from the library.


This movie was mad ridiculous. "Do you think you can just get rid of me?" Yes, bitch, you're a hooker. Characters go against their roles. A gynecologist and a hooker feel love for each other. God. Thank God I saw this later in its run because I was able to yell at the screen.

I feel bad for Amanda Seyfried because after Mean Girls, this makes her look like a terrible actress.

vibram five fingers

I think I read that the Liam Neeson part was cut back because Natasha Richardson died in the middle of filming.It is a moving film.

Your Mother

I liked this better when it was french, starred Fanny Ardant and Emmanuelle Beart, and was called Nathalie.


I'm a straight woman and i thought it was hot as hell, there's something wrong with you...probably too many boobs for your liking.


Your Mother, I couldn't agree more. The French one was at least a little raunchy and dangerous. This one looks like it was toned down to suit anglo prudes. Booooring.

Worse, now that Julianne Moore's been on 30 Rock, I can't watch this movie without hearing her Boston accent in voiceover.

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