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July 09, 2010



I am sure that you could figure out a way to get that onesie on Winston. Go back and get it!


I suspect it was going to be "The kid is not my son", but they replaced it at the last minute with a dong.


You know nothing's going according to plan when the giant anthropomorphic penis is appalled.


Isn't that Madonna during her "Music" phase?


The penis is telling MJ to beat it, as in, get out of here. Get away from this baby. Don't molest the baby wearing this onesie. That's how I read this semiotic puzzler, anyway.


I'm fairly certain they used that Musik Express ride in Adventureland. So random.


isnt that from the teresa giudice baby clothing line?


Oh Rich, I love it when you go down to do your anthropological digs in NJ! Always uncovering things i never wanted to know existed!


That is so many ways of wrong...


I have to go to Ventnor at the end of the month and trust & believe I am going to spend ALL of my time scouring A.C. for the crazy.

I was lamenting because the in-laws used to do their "beach week" in Wildwood, and I was learning to love that weirdness, but it looks like I have been underestimating A.C.


At first I thought it was just odd... and then realized it's on a baby bodysuit!? My life will never be the same after this.


Flavor Flav: Wooooooooooow.

Callista McCallister

Every other blog post of yours now starts with "My boyfriend...". Seems you have turned into one of *those* people. Ugh.


it's a judd


Callista seems ever so disappointed in the fact you have a boyfriend, Rich. JEEEEEALOOOOOUS.


Yes, that is JonBenet Ramsay as a lesbian cowgirl crooner. You never knew the murder was all a hoax? She's living with MJ in an underground lair in Dubai.


@Anika, The Musik Express ride in Adventureland is the one at Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh. That's where it was filmed.


So I started laughing when I saw it, thinking it was a T-Shirt. Then I scroll down further, and realize it's a onesie.
My reaction?


That exact same ride, crappy airbrush "art" and all, is also at the amusement park in my California town. "Mariah Cary" looks more like Rosie Perez taking a dump. The ride is conveniently located next to the deep fried Twinkie booth, so there's a plus.


"You know nothing's going according to plan when the giant anthropomorphic penis is appalled." is my new favorite sentence... and I just told facebook so!

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It's fucked up, but I'm sure someone feels this way and at last, here is the onesie for him or her. And how 'bout that anthropomorphized penis, which seems to be not only remarkable for being a penis with eyes, a frown and a disapproving arm


I have to go barf now. It would have been 10 times worse if you took a picture of this on a baby. Yikes.

AC is the tenth circle of hell.


Where can I get this shirt? What is the store name? Do you remember?

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