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July 30, 2010


Sarah G

Maybe the Situation was just quoting Big Pun & Fat Joe?

Great recap, meh episode.


Ugh. Thank you Rich. Not only do both Ronnie and Pauly D look like they are on the verge of liver failure at various points of this episode, but Ronnie's "creeping" is just disturbing--as in the guy looks totally miserable while trying to look happy. 10 to 1 he has a meltdown pretty quickly.

Please let Sammie leave. Please. I don't watch this show for "ex" drama. I want to laugh "with" these people, not "at" them (OK, well maybe "at them while with them"). Know what I mean?


Dont agree with u rich, thought it was amaaazing.. i think ur getting too old to appreciate this stuff!


Love your recaps Rich. I found last night that the production manipulation was very hard to ignore. I mean, we watch Angelina roll with a camera crew pre-trip (wax, interviews) and she says in two breaths: 1. she was invited 2. she hopes they'll let her stay. Well, she's already a cast member because the cameras are already following her around. Not to mention there are enough beds to include her. Isn't there enough melodrama without having to fabricate more?

Had to scoff at Angelina's f'd up logic that she has dirt on Ronnie that she would love to go back to Sammi with, but because Sammi's such a bitch she won't. Must be hard fighting her cockblocking instincts that were so prominent in the first season.

That said, my favorite part was the quick cut from the screaming girls in their taxi to the cricket chirping serenity of the guys' cab.

Looking forward to your next recap.


"Incidentally, I'm reading Helter Skelter and have been fighting the urge to call Jwoww "Jwowowse" all recap."

Oh wow, Rich. My love for you knows no bounds! I was wondering about the hilarious Manson family tweeting.

Sidenote, if you want to continue your Manson family reading I highly recommend "The Family," by Ed Sanders. It's interesting and hilarious at the same time.

Dr. Remulak

I don't care if they're just faking it, it's great to have these buffoons back again. Other than a few new cars and Vinnie's tattoo, they haven't changed a bit.


What did ron call sammi?


The Pilgrim's landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, so she is correct.


awesome, love your animated gifs immortalizing these scenes on the interwebz!


Ha! Snookie's in the clink:


(yoyo, Ron called Sammi a C.U. Next Tuesday)


My hope is that they sort of stay away from the drama with all the in fighting, because the best (worst?) parts of season 1 were all of their interactions with people outside the house. The stalker, the charging hippos, of course the snooki punch, etc. At least that's my opinion.


i'm looking forward to the jwoww vs sammi fight


Nobody's ugly after 2am.......but that typeface will always be!


LOL at the comment above me.... I love font snark :D

Sue Ellen

I love Snooki, always have, always will. I think that Times piece was a joke and--even worse--completely mean-spirited.
BUT: why have people been sleeping on J-Wowww?! She's fascinating. I read something about the pay disputes that said she's considered second-tier and I couldn't believe it. Plus her posture and the way she walks in clunky heels is like a horse--sort of ungainly but powerful. Maybe it's her back muscles.


As much as I thought they were ridiculous during the first season, I tolerated the show. Now I think this shit needs to stop. Like now.

I used to live in Jersey for some time and now I live in Miami, I seriously don't need both worlds colliding.

Besides, most people in MIA didn't want them down here anyways. We have enough meatheads and doubhebags here as it is.


What's the "C word"?


Is the poster that says, "No On'es Ugly After Two O'Clock" Hobo STD? that'd be a funny coincidence...

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looked that picture. i think the guy's are enjoying him self so much.
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Is it just me or does Ronnie look like a puffed up guido version of Cory Haim?



Yeah......I don't know why anybody would call JWOWW trashy.

Account Deleted

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are already following her around. Not to mention there are enough beds to include her. Isn't there enough melodrama without having to fabricate more?

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