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August 20, 2010



Yes!!! Thanks Rich, for enabling me to keep up with the show without watching it myself. Your recaps are better than the real thing, anyway. Boing.


First, AGAIN? No way. The one thing that really sticks out to me in this episode (besides Sam stating, "She's done." about 527 times) is how pretty Jwoww looks at times. I've never noticed it before (What possibly could have drawn my attention away from her face?)! She looked so pretty in the scene where she's wearing those giant pink hoop earrings and in the pic of her on the phone where she's smiling. Ever notice she never smiles?


jwoww is one of those chicks that looks better with clothes on. that tat ruins it. i'd still marry her. i need the protection of a strong woman


Did anyone notice how Sammi never has sheets on her bed? Am I the only one grossed out?

Sue Ellen

I know it was a different post, but the thing about JWowwww having a face for indie films made me shit my pants.


This was easily the worst episode ever, but you completely redeemed it (with a BVD reference to boot!) Thank you.

Name is required

The fake answering machine scene was the best.


The bottle's not the only thing Ronnie seems to love.... rumor has it one cast member was extremely coked up during the entire Miami filming. Looks like we found a winner.


i'm really disappointed that no part of this post mentions:

"spicy mayo. i'm allergic to pecans sometimes."


Ronnie was just an "it" away from being Uncle Joey in his first animated gif.


No, Krzkdjflaskdfpopizi, this was one of the BEST episodes ever. I thrive on Ronnie and Sammi's drama, though it is as predictable as that one abusive relationship everyone had in college or post-college or high school.

My favorite part was Snooks smelling the fart. Each episode, I get to hear more about the perils of being one of the wee people. She's at the PERFECT angle to get hit full-on with farts as she's walking behind people. Poor hting. As a 5'9 girl who missed out on getting picked up by the guys at the party and thrown into the pool and having her boyfriend's jacket be huge on me (it wasn't) this feels good. Very good.


How did you miss Vinnies brilliant line "Im in Miami I dont want a girl thats studying for finals, I want a girl thats studying for dick!" ???

J Sweet

This is the first time I've read the recap before watching the episode and you might have set my expectations too high.

Everyone go back and watch the gif of Pauly's butterface but watch Vinny instead. If you aren't in love in 5 seconds then you lost your BOING.


I lol'd when Sammie supposedly cut things off with Ronnie (the bedroom scene) and the very next scene, at family dinner, they're seated together. Terrible editing/non-sequential scenes or microcosm of their "relationship"? Who cares. Just stop showing those two, MTV. Please!


@mim - I lose my shit when I see naked mattresses or pillows. I saw that and thought about all the terrible things that must be on it.

I'll be sure to put on my dumbass sexy clothing during the next episode and play a round of bowl of questions lolol.

Fashion Puttana

Sammi "Sweetheart" more like Sammi "Doormat" girl needs to get some balls and bring in the real drama. How about girl waits until the fucker comes home and starts using random decorative objects and turns them into projectiles aimed at Ronnie? THAT I would turn in to watch on a regular basis or even better have her declare war on Ronnie by turning the tables on him and starts bringing random guys over to go in the hot tub with her?
A girl can dream I guess...


Ronnie is AN ASS. SUCH A JERK.

Why would he act mad at Snookie and J-Wow for telling their girlfriend what an ass he has been? Ahh?



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