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August 27, 2010



Great recap as usual Rich! I was so glad to finally get an episode that didn't completely revolve around Sam & Ron's ridiculousness!
I'm anxiously anticipating the smackdown that was previewed for next week!
Btw, can't believe you didn't mention G.T.F.....that was hilarious!

Sarah G

Enough with the acronyms! They are killing me. I would say I prefer more subtly but that's an exercise in futility.

How did Jenni think she could make her boobs stay together just by playing with them? I think that's what bras are for.

Great recap! Can't wait for next week.


i'm really surprised you didn't include an audio clip of snookie telling sammi she didn't know anything about the actions of ronnie because she was blacked out. I thought it was so funny. She repeated it twice and sammi accepted it. Amazing episode. emmy worthy


Rich's recap is its usual sweetness


Rich, I know you've long since given up on Project Runway, but last night's episode was definitely one to watch. I'd be interested in reading your reaction (though you're too incredibly busy to do a full write up, particularly since the show grew to an hour and a half).


Yes! the weirdness of Ronnie calling Sammi "bro"! It's like their whole agressive show of boys will be boys and girls will be girls dissolves and you realize that they are all just homies who are maybe down to smush maybe down to fight. and definitely to drink and get paid by MTV. bro.


Elusive Abs!


Definite favorite part was when Snooki went "Why would you laugh?" and The Situation grabbed the note and pointed out and read the line "grinding with multiple fat women." Like, obviously, that's why he would laugh -- because that phrase is fucking hilarious.


If you head over to Entertainment Weekly, their recap is astonishingly like yours. Annie Barrett remarks she learned 25 lessons from the show this week, and even uses screencaps to illustrate her points. It's funny, because I normally really enjoy her work, but it seems to bite from you in such a major way.


Rich, you magnificent bastard. You keep me watching this show. Thank you for doing what you do.


If it's on paper, it must be true.


Anyone know the name of the song that starts on clip 3 of this episode thats on mtv.com or .ca


My favourite thing about the entire episode was Mike's laugh upon reading the letter. It was pretty much the most amazing sound to ever come out of anywhere. I want it to be my ringtone.

Emily H.

Working out on an elliptical is lower-impact than running on a treadmill, hence easier on your joints. I assumed that was what he meant.

J Sweet

I have to ask you, Rich seriously, not joking at all, have you considered graduate school for media studies/cultural studies/gender studies? I think you're legit brilliant and academia could use someone like you.
Jersey Shore Dissertation 2020!

Hair Dryer

OMG I saved 10 of those gif files.

I never thought that JS would be my type of show but I must admit that I'm a fanatic!


New favorite thing: everyone (i.e. the guys) calling Snooki "Schnooki."


I liked Mike's half-slip/confession in the bedroom, and I thought it was creepy the way Ronnie was pinning Sam to the bed to talk to her.

Also, I really wanted the girls to leave Angelina out of their plot and frame her for it. The note would need more f-bombs and more hand-waving, though. That would have been so easy to pull off.

I have noticed the Schnooki thing as well. I keep wondering if MTV axed "Snickers" due to copyright, which was her nickname in the very first ep.

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