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August 09, 2010



Is it me, or have your supercuts gotten more sadistic?


hee hee heee heeee. ;)
luvs it. Thanks Rich.

J Sweet

I couldn't make it through. Good thing I stay home with my baby. Her giggling is much more endearing.


This is reminiscent of Janet's and Michael's infantile public persona.


I can't believe I made it through that. Wow. I'm never going to be the same.


i only made it to the one minute mark

and then my head exploded


I've made it through hemorrhoid surgery, but I couldn't make it through that.


21 seconds. Ouch.


I passed out twice and spit up once, but over all I think it went okay!


If only she could open her mouth more for a real belly laugh. Fascinating and you included a clip from when she was in Denmark (I had no idea she visited, hee hee hee hee). Off to get her laugh out of my head.


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Are you by chance going to write up the Teen Choice Awards? I mean, it was like every other awards show ever, but there was a random cutaway to Selena Gomez wooing with her mouth full of food that seems to beg for an animated .gif.


hahaha! You're a cruel man, the part I laughed at the most was her saying bye to Bubbles at the end sniffling! haha! That's soo wrong! haha!


You are a freaking genius!

This is incredible achievement!

On behalf of humanity.... THANK YOU!

May the Universal Love of La Toya be with you always!

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Thatw as cute, i made in thru the entire video


I agree with the British chick: I want this as a ringtone.


I agree with the British chick: I want this as a ringtone.


When I saw the "La Toya Giggling Montage" link at cityrag, I knew it was you :)

This video is frightening!

Also, you've seen T.V. Carnage, right?


Oh god. I only made it to 1:07.




dude. rougghhh. it's so defense-mechanism-y.


Didn't even make it passed 0:58. LOL.


I loved it so much! Thanks for making me smile :) And making me hopeful that I can get through the work week :)

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