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August 23, 2010



My favorite part was definitely when the piranha burps up the penis.

Angela P.

Oh, now I can't wait.


Mostly agreed, minor issues:
1. Eli Roth, in any quantity, gives me hives
2. The whole Howard Schatz/ Delibes sequence was pretty and all, but considering the tone of the rest of the movie and the fact that one of the participating actors is more well known for her dp scenes, it seemed weirdly tame, almost chaste. Um, no simulated, watery cunnilingus? I want to be dp'd by gore and sex in equal amounts!


What about the terrible and boring teen romance plot and complete waste of Ving Rhames and Adam Scott? That said, the gore did rule.


My friends and I decided to get stoned and watch this, and I honestly can't remember having a better time at a movie in recent years. The whole theater erupted with laughter, cringed at the gore, and yelled at the characters the entire time together (aside from the few who walked out, disgusted). I agree that the film was a glorious celebration of trashiness, and every moment was hilarious. However, due to my state of mind I did freak out at that underwater nude scene... they were down there for like 10 minutes and never came up for air!


Hey Rich, speaking of knowing-yet-straight-faced updates, have you seen Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans? If so, I need to hear your thought!. And a gif of Nick Cage fist-bumping the suspect would be pretty cool too.

Tashina S.

I told you once before via Twitter, that you pretty much were the internet to me, and this is why. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls IS my holy text and I am delighted to know you share these sentiments. I feel like we would be BFFs if I knew you for real. Can't wait to check this movie out. Also, I am always so shocked to know that hardly any one knows who Kelly Brook is. Her rack is what legends are made of.


This movie was everything I expected it to be, and a half-eaten penis more. It was also my first 3D movie, and I was satisfied. he crowd was perfect and when we left the theater I saw plenty of red party cups, tall cans of beer, and empty bottles of mixer in most of the cup holders. Bravo.

Republic Monetary

I want to see this movie badly now...badly!

Fashion Puttana

I barely remember the 1st one since I was six or seven when I watched but I remember being scared shitles with the pool scene and for long periods of time I always double checked for piranhas before going in. Needless to say I can't wait to go and see this and now even more so with this review. Thank Rich!

Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

looks very scary!! I feel like vomiting seeing this creature.

Dandy Darkly

To evoke BtVotD is a powerful sentiment, Rich.

I'm seeing this Friday and am now doubly excited.


"You will drink the black sperm of my vengeance."

But in a good way!

True Fuel Energy

I have watched this movie and it has really made my hair stand on end.

Acai Energy

This movie has stolen my sleep. I have started watching terrible dreams after watching this movie.

Pure Hoodia

Yeah!! it is good enough for a dose of adrenaline.

herve leger dress

I remember a child, watching a movie, is also about piranha, and now there is the shadow of heart!

Acai Max Cleanse

This movie was definitely not my taste


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