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August 02, 2010



"As an R&B and pop singer, in a way, Mary's job from the jump was to sell her soul; watching her do it so literally is disturbing."

The above comment is exactly why I couldn't bear to watch her on HSN. I wondered what she would endlessly ramble on about. The one time I flipped to see the train wreck in progress she looked so uncomfortable. I couldn't take it any longer.


You are right. I love Mary but this is so fucked up. Does she not have enough money that she has to degrade herself this way?

Sue Ellen

When she was a judge during the American Idol auditions, I was so excited. Turns out she had absolutely nothing to say to anyone. Even worse, she couldn't even keep it together when one of the joke contestants came on, and she was basically laughing out loud. But here's the thing: she wasn't doing it derisively. She obviously felt bad about it and wanted to be supportive to everyone who auditioned, but she never really showed up. I point this out because I just don't think that, while Mary the performer is a force of nature, there just doesn't seem to be a lot of there there when it comes to Mary the person.

If you look back at all the interviews she did before No More Drama (which was really pushed as her moment of self-awareness), she was really tough to pin down. People would ask her about her upbringing, all the bad shit she did, how she got the scar on her face, and she would either dissemble or just say something to the effect of "I'm trying to put that behind me". In retrospect, I think she might have been coached to be coy because she simply never had much to say. When the "healing" began, she suddenly had tons to talk about, but it was basically the same rehearsed litany of "No more drama, I'm just fine".

I think, despite what the Mary of the last 8 or 9 years would have you believe, she doesn't really have any self-awareness--just Self-Help. Which is exactly the kind of shitty perfume so many people put on to feel strong and confident. Just like Mary.


Rich, this is the only review you've done in all these years I disagree with. I don't really think it's that serious. Mary's fans "know" her history; it would be a different story if she was just springing her confessions on us for the first time to play with our feelings-but she's not.

If you are a Mary fan you've stuck by her during abuse, tragically low self-esteem, drug addiction, religious conversion, marriage etc. Her narrative is well-documented. True there's only so much you can say about a one-product product line before you devolve into nonsensical babbling, but she is definitely not the first person in home shopping history to go that route.

PS So what does Marc Jacobs' posing butt-a naked with only his new cologne Bang covering his crotch tell us? :-)

@Sue Ellen: Re Mary's history of not having much to say, remember she's publicly admitted to a long-time coke addiction. I believe she estimated 80-90% of the covers she did for VIBE magazine she was stoned. So I wouldn't expect an intelligent narrative from her or any addict at that point.

Mary's original. She pioneered the hip-hop soul genre that is still in play today.


I don't like her horrible music anyway


Uhhh!! That post was pitch perfect. Preach!


Ick Mary, I need a shower.


Ehhh I see it like this: the perfume is a souvenir of brand Mary. If someone smells it and gets a rush of that "yes-I-can-survive" feeling that brand Mary is built upon? No harm done. We use products for different purposes all the time, right?

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I was actually watching this with my mom when we were channel surfing this weekend. I couldn't believe how ridiculous she sounded. She was acting like her perfume was the elixir of life or something.

gwyneth cornrow

speak of Mary, have you seen this:

and also, Christian Louboutin? WTF?


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True there's only so much you can say about a one-product product line before you devolve into nonsensical babbling, but she is definitely not the first person in home shopping history to go that route.

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, but she is definitely not the first person in home shopping history to go that route.

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