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August 16, 2010


Karleigh Beigh




My grandmother watches every airing she can of this show. Her reason? She loves to laugh at these idiots.

And now I know where I got my sense of humor. Thanks, Granny!


Rich, please tell me you made up the "I'm uncircumcised" line, and it's not from the show. Please.

We are so going to die out. As a species, I mean. And given war, terrorism, torture, and The Jersey Shore, let's face it: We kind of deserve it.


"Unicorns are just horses that can stab people."

That is my favorite quote because it isn't obvious compared to the ones that deal with sex and things people find disgusting.


"Love begins when you carry each other's baggage" as a tag line? Does George Rekers write for this show by any chance?

Vanessa M

I can't bring myself to watch this even once, it's just too depressing. The clip I saw on The Soup was enough. If it had been on when I was in my 20's though I probably would have loved it for a few weeks.

I was wondering the other day what ever became of RofL's Heather (I still shudder thinking of whatever reunion I saw her on last where she demanded perks for her entourage and said she was working with "Anna Nicole's people" on her career. Yikes infinity.) This is where she landed? Fuuuuuck.


OH MY GOD I HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHOW. I don't have cable, and I can't find torrents of it or streaming!! Can someone help me! Please!


Amanda, here you go:
Enjoy! :-)


Said woman in the purple dress looks a lot like Amy Sedaris playing a character.


Hell yea! Thank you Gretchen, you're the best!!!


Did anyone see the episode where the bachlorette got it down to one man, and then he revealed he had sex with a man? It was awesome. She was like, "Um... bye". The guy was all "Everyone does it in college..."

Good TV!


This review is a perfect example of why I keep coming back (to your blog)



I love this show. Just full of all kinds of crazy.


I love this show. Has anyone who got selected on the show ever got married. I watched the second season last night 25th August 2010 and there was a guy from the Bahamas; his name is Christian. What is his last name and what is the name of the book he wrote about penis extension.

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I like this program, I will continue to pay attention to it!

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Romance is seeking perfection, love is forgiving faults!

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Actually once the three contestants are pared down to one, the potential dater must admit to a fault of his or her own.

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