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August 06, 2010



First? I feel like I won the lottery. Or a free jar of pickles.


Way to not "down grade" yourself by putting up another excellent recap.


Paulie seems to avoid confrontation and even know a thing or two about how to deal with stalkers, but even he seems confounded by Angelina's level of crazy.

A Fan

Surprised that you didn't include screenshots of Ronnie's pickle in his white boxers :-)


Snooki's head bob to Your Hero Joan River's rap is AWESOME my friend :)

I thought the Angelina slap was so slow that it rang a bit fake to me last night.

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Dude, what is the big thing about this show? There i so much attention paid on it. These guys are now on the red carpets and don't even know how to speak properly!


I thought the IFF stood for "I'm Fucked Foundation," a foundation for people who are fucked? So client/president Ronnie is fucked because he's in trouble, and later they tell Angelina she's in the IFF (they call it I double-eff) because she's fucked too, for some reason I can't remember. Probably because she misused "aka"? Just a hunch.


YES! I have been stalking your site all day waiting for this recap. I haven't even read it yet but I am so happy!!!!


The restaurant that was called to do takeout, Big Pink, does exist, but I don't know if they knew about the show or not.

And sorry about the autoplay music.

Whatever, Man

So... I guess we're supposed to infer that Angelina has a thing for Paulie D. now? (I have a hard time believing she is just THAT psycho.)

How much longer will they make us suffer through the Ronnie & Sammi hour? Please--enough. I don't care about either of them and they pretty much deserve each other at this point.


I concur with Lesley. I was also perplexed by the IFF thing, but I concluded (after much wasteful deliberation) that the first F stands for "Fucked." Ronnie is in the IFF because he creeped/shmushed/coked his way around the club in front of Angelina (and the cameras...do they forget that? I can't imagine they do, which is probably the biggest fakeness indicator on this whole sorry enterprise).

Then the guys tell Angelina she's also in the IFF, because all the girls in the house hate her. That wouldn't make sense if the F stood for "fucking," disgusting allusions to Angelina banging both Pauly and Sitch aside. But yeah, I'm genuinely curious about this m-word business. Is it the much-anticipated male equivalent of cunt? I guess it isn't fungdart?


i can't wait until they start working the gelato. so many ways they can screw that up


I haven't even been watching this season and still Pauly D with Santa killed me.

Uncommon Sense

I haven't even watched this show this season, but WTF was Snooki thinkin' with those shades?

Was she temporarily possessed by the spirit of Kanye?

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Isn't the first photo funny in which the girl is moving her head.


"how will i know" works pretty well.


This has nothing to do with this post, but thanks so much for breaking down the ANTM into seasons. It's made my life of catching up so much easier.


I watched an mtv thing where Paulie talked about what happened between him and Angelina. You should know, she slapped him 3 times and he spit in her face and told her to leave him alone, which is why he freaked out on her so hard outside.
I don't know if you really care or not but it at least makes it make more sense. To me. Who knows. Whatever. Like, you know?


i think i can watch that gif of snooki not-swooning all day....


I think Jwow's comment referencing Snookie's boyfriend was "She called your man an f'ing MIDGET" not moulie.


LOL I love that everyone hates on angelina! I think angelina might not be that bad. Everyone has just made up there minds really fast with this bitch image she's got going on right now. But lets not make the same mistakes of the past. Remember last season? I hated snooki for the first couple of episodes. By the end of the show she became one of my fav's. I don't think that will happen with Angelina I'm just saying lets give a couple more episodes. Before we throw her under the bush!


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I think I...yes, I do...I love those sunglasses.

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I saw that episode,when that episode retellycast come on TV


Mind gaming.

That's all I have to say.

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