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August 05, 2010



Try him on cantaloupe. Our old cat couldn't care less about watermelon, but if you ate cantaloupe anywhere in the house he would find you and stand on your shoulder screaming and trying to intercept each piece.


I wonder if his teeth or gums are at all cold-sensitive? I know a lot of humans have that problem and thus prefer it the way Winston does (dropped into the mouth, no biting). Or was the watermelon room temperature?


Tiny bits hand fed to him: it's more like peeled grapes that way.


i was going to suggest cantaloupe too. my first kitty would go after it like it was bacon. knocking it out of our hands and stealing the rinds when we weren't looking.


During the montage of all the other cats chowing down on the melon, I couldn't help but think: Winston is so much more fun to look at than ya'll.

I have a cat. A 'regular-looking' cat.

Now, I feel bad.

PS: Mine will only eat hand fed morsels of odd things too, unless its raw baby carrots, edamame, or -YES- cantaloupe. In that case, she will snatch the shit out of your hand & run off to gnaw on the rind. Weird!


I have a kitty who loves watermelon, yes, but only in smaller pieces, too. When he was a baby, I gave him a chunk that was bigger than his liking and he took it, but didn't eat it. He did get very possessive of it, though, and growled when the other kitties came to check it out. They didn't want the watermelon, mind you; he's the only one who eats it in our house (The only cat, I should say. The humans and dog also enjoy watermelon). I let him continue growling and generally being freaked out for a little because he was tiny and it was hilarious, but I did eventually break it up into his preferred smaller bits.

Sarah G.

i give this a big, Stephanie-Tanner "Yesssssss."


Oh god! When I saw this, I was like he's going to have to cut it up for him, isn't he??? My dog does the same thing with strawberries. He will even put the whole thing in his mouth at first and then spit it out (whole)...but then you cut it into small pieces, and for some reason - yum! Gotta lovem


kitty only eats bite-size food too! so spoiled that cat... i just gave up on him ever being a normal cat...


don't know about fruit but our kitty loves coffee grinds.

she is all about them!


What about Rudy? He's fairly normal.


I thought forsure he was going to snub Watermelon altogether recognizing it's high glycemic index.


Seems to me he was asking for an espresso and settled for the watermelon. Am I wrong?

Ah, Win, with all your snacking it's a wonder you keep that figure of yours so slim!


I looks like he thinks he should want to eat it, but doesn't.


I love the way he stands on your kitchen counter with his hind leg slightly cocked out. Everything about this cat says "weird" but he totally gets how adorable he is.

Acai Complete

Although I'm not a bad judge of when a cantaloupe or honeydew me long is ripe for eating, I have practically no experience in testing watermelons. Does the same "finger-press" technique apply? Thanks very much for your help!
Acai Complete


Geez Rich. You expect Winnie to eat big chunks? A cat of such refinement? You are such a plebe.


my kittens LOVE watermelon. one is good enough to sit and wait for you to give him some/drop some on the floor, the other, you cant even pull it out of the fridge wihtout him clawing his way up your legs to get at it...
when he does get it though, he doesnt care the size of the piece, he'll gnaw through it...but, hes also chewed through one of my belts, so i guess that doesnt say much


Winston is so tiny I wonder if some sort of practical use could be derived out of the rest of the watermelon... a hollowed out melon palace? A boat for baths? A shower cap?




I had no idea watermelon was a thing with cats. Mine loves it. I break it into little bite size pieces so she can eat them. If they're too big she'll just chew them and leave them.


You have the hands of a light-skinned black woman.


Although I'm not a bad judge of when a canteloupe or honeydew melong is ripe for eating, I have practically no experience in testing watermelons.

Xtreme NO


Awwww Winston! I heart you, whatever you do! xoxox


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