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September 11, 2010



Awesome! I also liked when Situation referred to all of the drama as "high school kindergarten bullshit."


JWOWW took Sammi down by her hair, I want that girl on my side during a fight.


Sammi's description of the fight made me think that she is consistently and blissfully unaware of everything. She even went back with Ronnie after knowing that he used her like a bedside tissue.

Fake Janice Combs

I just hope these guidettes and guidos are always and in every smush using condoms...they take casual sex to a whole new level...oh to be a fly on the wall at their ob/gyn exams, if they ever go.


i LOVE reading your jersey shore recaps every week. hysterical.


great recap!

and Schadenfraulein, THANK YOU!! i've watched this episode twice now and i still can't figure out how sammi is so delusional that she actual thinks she wonthat fight. i wasn't sure if i was missing something or not. i used to feel bad her for being such a doormat, but now i just hope ronnie gives her crabs and jwoww beats her ass...again.

that's Mrs. Nigel Barker to you

Thank you for the Schnooks pronounced wiggling outburst gif! It's the best Snooki action since her "crotch all in the air" gymnastics!!! Come to think of it, maybe she got crabs that night in the club being exposed and all....

Trick please

Wasn't Snooki adopted from a Central/South American country? Doesn't that make her one of the "Spanish people?"


Pauly's crazy eyes are easily the best part of this show...other than Enzo. I loved him trying to be nice to Sammi amidst her pout fest.

Things that pissed me off this episode: Sammi's enthusiasm for smushing with Ronnie, despite her completely knowing that he cheated; Ronnie bringing Emilio into the fight (dick move, bro); Vinny lowering his standards; that Jose is such a fool.


I LIVE for your recaps. This by far has been the best episode of the season. I wish Sammie and Ronnie would go off into Guido Heaven...they make the show horrible!


god I love this show.

J Sweet

I love how this season is devolving into everyone sleeping with each other while at the same time hating each other. It's like a collection of IDs living together and Vinny is our only ego (not super-ego, he's only stuck on what his Momma would think).


As always, amazing synopsis. I find myself infuriated that Sammi thinks she kicked Jenni's ass, when Ronnie clearly held Jenni back Sam was punching her in the head. I was screaming at my DVR after rewinding it about 8 times. Failing economy, the healthcare debate, moutaintop mining - who cares? But the injustice of Sammi feeling arrogant about the fight is killing me. Jesus, I need a life!


p.s. i would totally let the grenade grundle choad slip me the bonertron ... just sayin'

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