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September 14, 2010





thanks rich! i've been looking forward to your post since krista won last cycle!


LOL! I totally get a Patty Hearst vibe from Rhianna! :)


Is it weird that I don't watch the show anymore, but still love reading Rich's posts about it ?!?

and I guess I really need to watch Beyond the Valley of the Dolls :)


repetition is comfort of a kind, as is the rich recap. comfort: the world goes on, girls cry, tyra gets richer. wait, what?
oh i am so ready for this, bring it ty ty.


I'm going to make it a goal of mine to get on this show just to have you blog about me.
Narcissism, much? Of course. But that would be a dream come true.


So good. So excited about Ann. So disappointed we're missing the potential Courtney Love trainwreck.


That's not fair, Rich. Now I'm going to hear "Nicole Paige Brooks from Atlanta, Georgia" and that hideous laugh every time I see Chelsea. Thankfully, I at least hear "Nicole Paige Brooks" said by RuPaul, not Nicole Paige Brooks, but the rest is pure nails on a chalkboard, chicken-struttin', hittin' on Raven, gettin' lost in the crowd Nicole Paige Brooks.

Excellent recap, as always.


Julnyes, I don't watch the show anymore, either. Rich makes it so much more entertaining. The girls this year make me uncomfortable.


a hideously entertaining group this season.

@Julnyes & Kristi- I've never even seen the show but I read all Rich's recaps...he highlights the best!!!


After discovering your blog during the summer, and reading backwards through the cycles (and, along the way, seriously questioning why I follow this trainwreck of a modelling competition, but. You know, crack), I'm so excited to be able to follow along with your blogposts.


Ann, if you're still reading, I love you too!


This was easily one of your most amusing recaps in the history of America's Next Top Model. Seriously, I love that we're all so over the show that the inane and ridiculous is all that we have left. No longer do we care who wins. No longer do we argue with stupid judging choices or makeovers. We just sit and amuse ourselves that there is still an outlet on tv for us to ridicule skinny girls who think they can wear clothing better than 13 other girls.



I just like to see noodles succeeding in unlikely areas.


My life is better. Rich has already assigned girls their wood animal counterpart. The world is once again in balance.


We were SO on the same page for this episode... Glad to see you're still recapping this shit for us <3


wait a minute, that bacon picture? what's that all about? ann = ew. "Strangers with Candy" and BTVOTD references in one post? awesome.




Rich, easily your best Top Model recap in ages. Hilarious!


Courtney Love having the most Robyn day of her life?

I died.


I don't believe I've ever died laughing before, Rich. You'll be hearing from my attorneys.


Awesome recap!

On a side note, is anyone else sick of the redemption casting? Tiffany, Jaslene, Marvita, Angelea, Kacey-annoys the crap out of me!


"At last, the hotness of Pvt. Jenette Vasquez is mainstream..."

I look forward to seeing Liz continue to add on to the house that Omahyra Mota built.


I am sure people would pay to watch antm with you.


Yes, Chili!
I'll be rooting for Annbertbrows and Esthertits, just because.

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