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September 23, 2010



ReRe ain't wrong. I will also just take a Philly cheesesteak and the Stylistics. And then scratch myself.


What can you expect from a music legend whose breasts are resting comfortably on the tops of her thighs?
Can we get her, Celine Dion & Liza Minelli together for another Divas concert?


"Voulez POO POO chez avec moi"??? Priceless!


I'm sooooo wearing that muu-muu to Folsom this weekend!
Lift and fan. Lift and fan...


That muumuu is the most reasonable thing she's worn in a long time...

Vanessa M

Did she just say "Voulez poo poo chez?" She should get her money back from Berlitz.

She's shilling for PBS. I have to love her for that. She doesn't seem to mention any specific shows though. What do you think she's watching? I vote for Antiques Roadshow.

Mary Backstayge

I like her elaborate rollerskating schedule. I wonder what was happening on the days she wasn't rollerskating?

Agenda D

I HATE you, Rich. I HATE you. I was watching this a couple weeks ago like, "Can you wait until we go to the phones to scratch all them itches? Gat damn ReRe!"

Knowing I wasn't the only one to see this (cuz really, who watches PBS?) brings me a sense of peace. You know what? We DO need the great programming on PBS, when no one else has shit on. So call, call now.

Agenda D

You know what? After reading the rest of these comments... NO, no more support for PBS programming, cuz you people are trying to kill me, and I won't go quitely into the night like ReRe's figure!

Grant Wood

That "de Berlitz" kills me every time.

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WOW! Poo-Poo chez avec moi? No thank you! I'll hand you the spray when you're done.

John Juan

I stumbled on this while it was airing live and I was laughing so hard I almost fell off the couch. Especially that part about the cheesesteak.

Clearly she had starch vag from eating one too many cheesesteaks.

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