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love it!


I still can't believe they bleached Sara's eyebrows, thereby ruining any chance she had of looking her age. Way to go geriatric ANTM.

Thanks for the recap Rich! Hope you are enjoying Miami.


Love the commercial idea .... I died a little with laughter

MJ McStabby

It really bothers me that Jay's wings were UPSIDE DOWN. Nobody could fly with those wonkus things!

That said, I love Ann's dorkiness. Dorky-on-purpose, FTW!


FYI - Tyra's talking out of her ass saying her makeovers make the models more "marketable." Sean Patterson, on his own reality show "The Agency" actually refused to book a brand new Wilhelmina model for a well-paying, but one-off, job specifically because the client wanted to dye her hair a ridiculous color and changing it back would take too much time.

His reasoning? New models haven't established themselves in the market yet so they need as much flexibility as possible to appeal to the largest array of clients. Since Wilhelmina used to be ANTM's agency, you'd think Tyra would know that and not bleach a girl's eyebrows AFTER she dyes her hair darker.


Who's that Asian model? Do we know his name? He's hot!


Here's the question you didn't ask: Why did the judges pile kudos on the picture of Rhianna in the photo rundown, then include her in the pack of 'dreckitude' at the end? Did I not hear correctly?


Next episode-posing with seafood! Can't tell if it's still alive or not but either way...ick simply for the purpose of ick.
This wouldn't have anything to do with one of the contestants being an Orthodox Jew now would it?


You know, I was wondering where that "elongated like an angel" came from. Now I that I type it, I think he meant to say elevated. These people are so into their own world they're not even bothering to speak English anymore.


It's so funny how the show switched from forcing Danielle to close her gap, despite her pleas - to this poor girl who is getting her gap widened even though that's not going to be fashionable in a month [minimum a few years].
What's going to be involved in a makeover next year? Removing a girls neck tattoo? Then, of course, in cycle 25 [or whatever] they'll put a tattoo on some girl's face to copy the model of the month is during that time.


For some reason what bothered me the most this episode was how dirty Lexie's feet were during the shoot, and how she kept sticking them in the hot model's face. Unrelated: she reminds me of Fern Mayo from Jawbreaker, post-makeover (which is to say, obviously, "Vylette").

I think I'm focusing on small details to avoid thinking too hard about how many hours (which add up to entire days, possibly weeks) of my life I've spent watching this nonsense.

Anyway, Rich, you are a genius.

Anne Noise

I am fully on the Ann-train.


Tyra's hair at panel looked strikingly similar to the hairdo Kayla had at auditions that they made her get rid of before they could stand to look at her...


Shaving down that poor girl's teeth is a new low.

Maybe next time, someone's finger?


So Tyra doesn't remember closing Danielle's tooth-gap, huh? I feel like this is a precursor to America's Next Top Ill-Advised Plastic Surgery Model.

Debbie M

Great recap! Worth the wait!


Rich, good call re: Pete Burns & Faye Dunaway!

Also good point about Danielle's teeth, A.P.


Rich, I'm surprised you didn't call out the gap thing! Tyra RAISED HELL with Danielle when Danielle had the gap NATURALLY! But it's okay because Tyra had it put there? There truly is no limit to Tyra's self-centered attitude, is there?


My friend said Kayla's makeover maks her look like Danny Cooksey...HA.


who's the white girl in the pic under #26? truly freaked out... i thought it was a picture of me. sorry to ask, i don't watch the show anymore, just read the recap :)

Vanessa M

We have all seen some fucked up shit on this show-if they changed the title to America's Next Fucked Up Shit I doubt anyone would notice-but asking a girl to essentially damage her teeth so she can look like a supermodel from the 1970's? Who I recall saying in an interview had trouble getting work because of her dental gap initially? I'm swimming through the layers of nonsense and frivolity and getting a litte genuinely pissed about that egotism. We mock these girls but they are young and vulnerable and goddamn it this shit is not ok.

They cannot resist fucking up some girl's eyebrows on makeover day. They bleached Jade's eyebrows and gave her orange hair and it looked dreadful. As delusional as she could be, I think she had a point when she said they gave her a hideous makeover on purpose. She really was striking beforehand. They bleached that petite girl's(Erin?) eyebrows and you made caterpillar jokes all season. Then they give Not Without my Daughter (wasn't around long enough for me to learn her name) dark hair and bleach her eyebrows so she looks geriatric.


I want a picture of Ann with the caption "Tattooed next to a biker's dick" tattooed on my arm. I love you.


you're description of Ann as "e something that would be tattooed next to a biker's dick" just killed me. you couldn't be more accurate!


Between Chelsey and Sara's makeovers [gaps'n'brows], I got the feeling that Tyra really wanted to make 2 kinda, not really, mediocre Lara Stone lookalikes.


Adrienne Curry x10. That's all I could think about this episode, how much Rhianna looks like her. But even more messed up.

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