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September 17, 2010



Thank you for posting this. I really didn't want to see this movie, but I still wanted to know what the "big twist" was. So thanks for writing about it! It sounds like the filmmakers are entirely too pleased with their own perceived cleverness. So, yes: douchey.


Somewhere, M. Night Shymalan is writhing in jealousy for not having thought this idea up himself and for not getting to 'play' Nev.


And I thought the big twist was that when they went to the damn barn to meet the women that monsters and shit would pop out.

Glad you dished the tea.

Skipping it now for sure!


Thank you.
We got to see an advanced copy of this and thought the hype was complete bullshit.
As always, you rock.


Catfish are literally bottom-feeders; so there's that. Also, in what world is the conclusion that if the documentary is faux they must be the best writers in Hollywood and the brother be as great an actor as Brando valid? What an annoying trailer and what cloying personalities these guys have. Thanks for the heads up.


Yeah, I saw this in 2006. It was called "Night Listener" and starred Robin Williams.


a friend let me know that while Nev was at sarah lawrence (barf) he was expelled for punching a girl in the face. but only after the students started a letter-writing campaign to get him kicked out of school. his mother was on the board of directors and his discretions always went un-punished.
so yea, i had no intention of seeing this fools movie. thanks for letting me know the ending was just as lame as i expected it to be.

Sue Ellen

THANK YOU! So happy I didn't waste my money seeing this. I'm going to see "Machete" instead.


Wait a second. Anderson Cooper said this movie was good. Do you actually have the balls to disagree with Anderson Cooper?


By the way, do you even know what generally happens to people in the "entertainment industry" who disagree with Anderson Cooper? It normally involves a forced sexual encounter with, you guessed it: Frank Stallone.


How much of a Premiership players training is spent on talking in soundbites and bullshit?



"Yeah, I saw this in 2006. It was called "Night Listener" and starred Robin Williams.

Posted by: Rose"

Yup. And Rosie O'Donnell had a similar experience in her book. She thank Armistead Maupin ("Tales of the City") in the acknowledgments. He wrote the novel, "Night Listener" on which the film was based.


Thanked. Not thank.


I saw a documentary recently about a very similar story called Talhotblond. It's much more interesting than this doucher's faux documentary because, um, it's not fake. I suggest you all check it out!


It is a good movie to waste time on rainy day


I'm so glad you wrote this. I was curious about the hype.


The trailer looked like a Dateline two-hour special with bonus reenactments.


All handheld-camera movies make me puke!


I'll wait for the DVD comes out in Chinatown


Thank you.
They're not getting a penny of my money.


At least two of the Law & Order franchises have done similar stories. When your indie film is ripping off Dick Wolf, you're in trouble my friend.


That claim about Nev getting expelled from Sarah Lawrence for decking some girl in the gut is true. That kid was in my sculpture class at the time.


Hear, hear!

I'm with Jason et al. I saw this trailer and was puzzled, maybe a little intrigued. Now I just don't care. Thanks very much for saving me the price of a matinee ticket.


lol @ zamblee...Frank Stallone...horrifying.

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