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Is there anything worse than rich people with the means to do things they aren't good at?


have you seen "Missing Victor Pellerin" (sometimes "Looking for Victor Pellerin") by Sophie Deraspe?
now that's a is it real, is it fake doco worth watching!


I saw the trailer and the girl's photos used for Megan's Facebook page look a lot like Sara Albert from ANTM.

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Lont post, but I enjoyed it ...

slc punk

yep. he definitely punched a girl at slc. i was a student at the time too. he had a reputation as a huge douchebag back then, and apparently he still is one.


ha. I went to college with nev (more commonly known as "skeve") and the call of 'bullshit' is apt. the only truthful part of this movie is the fact that he's a douche. after stealing my computer and trashing my room after mistaking me for someone else and then leaving evidence at the scene linking him to the offense, and after the month of law-enforcement related drama that ensued, after it was cleared up, he said "we're both interested in film making (i studied cinematography, his parents had assloads of cash so he wanted to "produce") so maybe we'll work together someday!" sadly, he didn't call me to take part in this steaming pile of shit.
and for the record, when i accused him, the obvious culprit, his defense to the school security staff was that I was a friend of the girl he date raped and i was just out to get him in her honor (i never knew the girl). douche. some things never change.


You're assuming it's fake. That's just your opinion and you at least admit it. Your readers, however, are buying your story seemingly as easily as Nev bought Angela's. What gullible schmucks. (fyi: only one son was medicated for self abuse.)


Correction: Nev was 24 at the time of filming. Not 22.


I'm not with you on this one, man. I didn't find the beginning jarringly strange, I felt like I could buy his innocuous interaction with an 8 year-old girl. Their relationship came off as a professional artist giving advice to a little kid with big dreams. Not everyone needs to be consistently paranoid of being perceived as a pedophile; I think that's a fucked up element of our culture today, an inherent mistrust of adult men who communicate with children.

And since it was just a kid, and then that kid's mom, in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere, a slow ramp up of convolution to the story, I found it buyable.


It really wasn't a bad movie. I was mostly pissed at the advertisement, which my teenage daughter and I saw before the soon-to-be-classic "Predators." It looked good enough that we immediately paid for tickets and went to go see it right after "Predators." It looked like a thriller, was advertised as a thriller, and then was not a thriller. It was a rather sweet, sad documentary -- one that my kid and I would have happily watched and enjoyed had we not been the victims of blatantly false advertising. It was good, but that wasn't the problem; our issue was that we'd been lied to. At least Nev and Angela are making some money off the lies. I want my $20 back.


I truly wish I'd read this before watching the movie, though of course I stayed clear of any spoilers specifically because the trailer marketed the film as a thriller movie and I feared I'd ruin the experience for myself.

With my perfect 20/20 hindsight, after witnessing the steaming pile of crap that is this movie, I know different.

It's like this movie is Angela (the fat fuck with mental issues), quite seriously. It pretends to be hot and sexy and interesting as hell and flirts with you imagination, in the trailer.

Then you go through the trouble of actually watching it, and what you get is Angela, the deluded middle-aged woman.

The fuckers even used a couple of poor mentally handicapped boys to jam some extra pathos into it, right at the end.

It's the most pathetic rip-off I've ever fallen across, in more than one way. Hot damn, I wish I could tell the world about it somehow, rather than a single site.


just watched the film and had to google reviews for it. though i did not think of it as a horible documentary, but definitely a misleading trailer. i only watched till the end hoping at one point to see a twist that the trailer suggested.... i was setup for the okie-doke


I'm way late to this, but thank you for the article. I just got the movie from Netflix and I can't stop getting upset about it. Most of what pisses me off was brought up in the article or added in the commentary.

One general and one specific point though that I'd like to toss in:

- Anyone in that lady's specific situation would be exceptional if they HADN'T created an alternate reality for themselves.

- She created this alternate Facebook universe of what 7 friends? In the movie they have that tiled shot as she names the people she created. "Well, there was Megan and Ryan and Lisa... and Katie... oh and Matt..." She names maaaybe 7 people. Sure they fill in the rest of tiles to make it seem like it's a tremendous web of interconnected people. But it's at most 7 people! Total bullshit. Who believes that this wouldn't be a clue for these guys?? That each of these young, vibrant people only had 16 friends on Facebook?? I'm a crotchety old man and I have 200 Facebook friends. So fucking stupid. At best, she sends out friend requests from Megan and gets a bunch of pervy guys to be her friend. The fact that Megan has 75 hairy Armenian cabdrivers as friends... nothing to concern yourself with there, Nev??

This movie is at best a complete joke; at worst, shameful exploitation. And the fact that there were respected media critics championing this (some even after they suspected the hoax) is depressing.

You wonder why Republicans keep winning elections? Keep being this tone deaf, city folk.

...but thank you, better city folk, for the article!


What a bunch of sheep. This is not an article, it is a list of someone's opinions about a documentary. Why don't you think/see it for yourselves? Even the author admits that his evidence should be considered as accurate as any unsubstantiated rumor.


inXZAv Kudos to you! I hadn't thought of that!


Real late to the party, but hey.

I thought there was quite a bit that was clearly 'reconstructed' mixed in with the bits that weren't. So both fake and real. But mainly fake.

But isn't the whole point more of a simple double bluff; that the film itself is the catfish, and we're the cod? So yes, it's fake, but it's meant to be...or is that giving too much credit where it may not be due?

Jeff t

Just saw this bullshit- on there way to Michigan theybare heading north via Waukegan Il and the Kenosha Wi?

Also Nev has a a sweet "tramp stamp"!


It makes me wonder how people start a relationship with a stranger through the Internet, which is medium that conducts lies so easily.


You do know that you haven't provided 1 shred of evidence? You just describe moments from Catfish and say that it didn't make sense to you.

This pointless, angry, horribly written rant should be on the Catfish IMDb message board along with all the other douchebags.


OMG that is terrific! I adore your work! Guess I am not as up-to-date as your regular readers! I swear I have fallen in love with this blog... Great writing! You're an amazingly talented person, keep up the individuality :)

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